This globe is now the official symbol of the Mall of Asia (MOA). If you notice, the Philippines is at the center of the globe and it sits proudly at the center of MOA. It opened yesterday, May 21, 2006 and a lot of people from different walks of life were there to witness its opening — from the tsinelas crowd, to the middle class citizens and to the elite of Society. For those of you who decided to sit back and wait until the maddening crowd have settled down over the opening of MOA, I would say good decision on your part. You have to bring with you a lot of patience just to wait in line in the parking and elevators, or just walking around the mall because of the huge crowd traffic, not to mention the summer heat we are still experiencing. I’ll give you a sneak preview of MOA…

I’m glad that Henry Sy dedicated to only build a two-story mall structure so as not to destroy the beauty of the place. You can see the roof of the place from the two 6-story parking towers in the north and south side of MOA.

Finally, an olympic size skating rink! At last, we can now play ice hockey in the tropical paradise of the Philippines 🙂

SOP was there during the opening in this open air Music Hall area in the Entertainment Mall with a view of Manila Bay in the back.

There is an overpass that goes from the entertainment mall directly to seaside boulevard which is where you can already see the 2km shoreline of Manila bay.

This is the open air south wing where they attempted to have ala greenbelt ambiance. But it was so hot and humid that you’ll get sick from entering a hot open air south/north wing to the extremely cold airconditioned main mall.

This was the huge crowd divisoria traffic inside the main mall. I’m glad that we are still able to navigate Aidan who was behaved while sitting on his stroller in this crowd.

There are lots of game places like this and play houses for the kids. Truly, this is one big playground for the kids 🙂

Mango on the ground floor, with Zara right on top in the second floor. How can you go wrong with having a one stop shopping for fashion in MOA?

This is one of my rants about MOA. Why did they built the mall so close to the shoreline. I could actually argue that it destroys the natural beauty of this boardwalk with lots of cars as you can see. We never learn our lessons in Roxas Blvd when we build the roads so near the shoreline. Frankly this scene is ugly for me. I can now imagine how crowded the World Pyro Olympics will be this coming December…

Super SM Supermarket — we did not bother to came in because of this maddening crowd by the entrance.

This is one of the nice view in the entertainment mall. Although the landscaping is still not perfect not even close to the landscaping of greenbelt.

Sunday mass is held here at 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm so avoid this area during those times or you can just hear mass at 9am and be on time for the MOA 10am opening with free parking.

The First Imax Theater in Asia!! Thank you Henry Sy for bringing Imax in the Philippines, yoohoo!!


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