What do you have if you combined the SM Mega Mall concept with Greenbelt’s upscale ambiance plus the crowd at Divisoria during Christmas plus Manila Boardwalk’s stunning view of Manila Sunset ? Simple, it is the grand opening of the Henry Sy’s Mall of Asia! This is the much awaited opening for Filipinos since there is no doubt that all of us are a bit mall crazy. One good thing about this is that our mall experience just got better with a stunning view of Manila bay and one of the church that I love — the Church of the Way, the Truth and the Life, nearby.

Here are the facts about mall of Asia:
– a total cost of P7 billion to build a 38.6 hectares mall sitting on a 60 hectare property.
– it has 500 outlets, including 180 restaurants which is the biggest in our country and this is the true One stop shop for all walks of life. Think of a restaurant or store and it will be in the Mall of Asia.
– There is an olympic-size skating rink where you can place hockey (nice — I do hope this sport takes off) – a Music Hall, good for 900 seats
– a 13,000sq. m Super SM hypermarket
– The first Imax in the Philippines with a 560 seater and an eight-story-high theather with a 22m x 33m screen size! (which I will cover in a separate post)
– It has a view of 2-kilometer shoreline of Manila bay and stunning view of Manila’s Sunset

This Mall of Asia series aims to provide an experiential account on the grand opening of MOA and what’s in store for you in this mall. I have both raves and rants about this place and I plan to share this with you.

UPDATE 5/22/06 I wouldn’t say that this is the biggest mall in Asia because the Siam Paragan in Thailand right in the heart of the city! It is a lot bigger because it houses a car showroom and you can buy your cars from here. Also, it was so hi-tech that I saw the first 3d TV in Siam Paragon! I don’t think MOA beats that. But MOA has a great view of Manila Bay and no mall can boast about this in Asia 🙂