UPDATE 11/6/13: Check out the latest blog post on Balesin Island Club developed by Alphaland:
BALESIN ISLAND (ALPHALAND): Food Tripping Around the World in 7 Beach Resort Paradise!

If there is one word to describe Balesin, it would be “relaxing”. The idea is to escape from your busy life, relax and appreciate nature. In that sense, there’s really nothing else to do in this island but bond with nature and with your love ones. There are sports facilities in the resort which you can enjoy which includes: Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis and a 6-hole golf course. But for you to fully enjoy Balesin, here are my top 10 recommended things to do when you are in the island.

SWIM. Enjoy the white sands beach and clear waters of Balesin.

WATCH. Make sure to watch the birds as they perform a song and dance for you.

RIDE. There are three ways you can explore the island, via their dilapidated jeepney, small banca, or by riding a bicycle. The latter one is the best (if you know how to ride a bike) where in you can really enjoy exploring the island at your own time and pace.

SWIM. again but on the other side of the island. There are lots of very nice beaches on the island such as the one above.

MASSAGE. Ah this is the best! The hilot massage is soo good but for P500 unfortunately. The other half of that goes to the resort manager and the other half to the therapist. Try to negotiate because even in Boracay, the massage is only P350!

BOATING. The only reason we tried boating in Balesin is because this is included in the package and we wanted to maximize it. It was nice to see this rocky tip but the waves on the other side of the island is normally strong so be careful.

EAT. Lots of fruits, buko juice and their home-made food. I’ll stop at this because I don’t want to rant about the food.

SUNSET. Ah, the beach is so perfect that the sunset is directly in front of Balesin Resort. Can you ask for more?

PHOTOGRAPHY. The island is photogenic. So for photo enthusiast such as me, Balesin is heaven for taking nice photos. It is also good to experiment and have fun with your shots 🙂

RELAX. Finally, just appreciate the trees, clouds, and the see. Don’t think about the future or the past. Live in the present and appreciate the things around you.