Every time I visit the Laguna area, I’ve always wondered which buko pie is the best among the San Pablo-based Collette’s and El Mare vs. the Los Banos-based The Original Buko Pie and Lety’s Buko Pie. All of these four brands are raved about by people and each one has its story to tell. Once and for all, I will settle the question for myself on “What is the Best Buko Pie in the Philippines?” (Laguna has the best buko pie in the Philippines). One of the best way to answer the question is to do a relative taste test at the same time. So my friend Lui and I decided to buy all the best buko pie in their main branch in San Pablo and in Los Banos, and decide for ourselves based on four criteria:

Buko Taste — 4pts
Yumminess — 2pts
Delicious Crust — 2pts
Overall Presentation — 2pts
Total: 10 pts scale.

The verdict: It depends on your preference really and if you are looking for that juicy buko taste in your buko pie then The Original Buko Pie is the best. Objectively, I think Lety’s Buko pie has the best balance in Buko Taste, Yumminess, Delicious Crust and Overall Presentation. I would buy Lety’s for pasalubong anytime. Although, worth mentioning is El Mare who topped our blind taste test with friends who have a sweet tooth — indeed this is the people’s choice 🙂 Well, as for Colette’s, I should say it is well distributed 🙂 So which one is the best for you?

Colette’s Buko Pie (P110) in their Main Branch in San Pablo Laguna. Colette’s is widely distributed and the most famous in the Laguna area because you can almost see it in every corner when you are in Laguna.

El Mare Buko Pie (P110). This is a direct competitor of Collette’s and they set up shop directly in front of Colette’s Main Branch. People in Laguna raved aboved this as a very good alternative if not better than Colette’s. We gave El Mare the benefit of the doubt and decided to include it in our taste test.

Lety’s Buko Pie (P120) in Los Banos Laguna. Most of my blog readers raved about this buko pie which is directly beside The Original Buko Pie in Los Banos. I was excited to taste this because a lot of people are really raving about this including my friend Luisa.

The Original Buko Pie (P120) in Los Banos Laguna. There is always a long line in The Original Buko Pie which almost always creates traffic because people are double parking along the national highway.

People line up just for the taste of The Original Buko Pie in Los Banos, Laguna.

Buko Taste – 2pts. The buko is just OK.
Yumminess – 1pt. Too sweet!! Taste like Yema.
Delicious Crust -2pts. The crust is OK.
Overall Presentation – 1pt. The branding and photo in the box is worth 1 pt.

Over-all: 6pts. Originally I thought Colette’s is the best buko pie since it is widely distributed. But I’m glad that we did this relative taste test that my mind was enlightened 🙂

Buko Taste – 1pt. There is no buko taste. It’s like the buko is marinated so that the filing is absorbed into the buko.
Yumminess – 1pt. Too sweet!! But some people prefer it that way.
Delicious Crust – 1pt. Lousy texture and never crunchy.
Overall Presentation – 1pt. I’ll give a one-point for the lucky red color.

Over-all: 4pts 🙁 Although, we did a blind taste test with some friends and people who have a sweet tooth prefer it that among the four.

Buko Taste – 4pts! The Buko was soft and juicy. They took the time to select the right Buko and able to capture its juice inside the pie.
Yumminess – 1pt. It is not too sweet and one could argue that the filling taste does not blend very well with the buko.
Delicious Crust – 1 pt. Forgettable OK taste.
Overall Presentation – 2pts. The crust looks crunchy and you’ll get excited with the sight of the buko pie. One could argue that its box needs improvement to have a bigger branding and better color. I should say that its minimalist approach to the box design gives a unique equity to it as being the “original” buko pie.

Over-all: 8pts! If you like your buko pie that taste like juicy buko then this is for you 🙂

Buko Taste – 2pts! The Buko was a mix of soft and hard buko and you can feel the difference with the original buko pie.
Yumminess – 2pts! This has the perfect taste for me since I don’t prefer buko with a sweet taste — just about right.
Delicious Crust – 2 pts! The crust has a unique salty taste with it that blends well with the filing and the buko. This is very unique to Lety’s and I would recommend this.
Overall Presentation – 2pts! It looks good as its taste. I love the yellow color of the box which stands out and the overall branding.

Over-all: 8pts! If you like your buko pie that taste perfect with a combination of right buko, perfect filing, and delicious crust then this is for you 🙂 The box is great as pasalubong to love ones. This is the best kept secret in Los Banos and only people in the know really appreciates Lety’s. I hope it stays that way so that we don’t experience a long queue in their store.

The Original Buko Pie Store with its long queue.

Los Banos’ Best Kept Secret Buko Pie 🙂

So which one is the best for you?