Update: BORACAY FOOD: 10 Most Awesome Boracay Restaurants! (2018)

Our Awesome Planet is not complete without a Boracay posts and here are the Top Ten Cool Things to do in Boracay this year! Just a warning, once you finish reading this post, you’ll be tempted to go to Bora as soon as you can…

1). Jonas Milkshakes — still the undisputed dessert place. This continues to be the best place to hang out for dessert or for watching the sunset. The best part is Jonas is now open 24 hours! It continues to be a mystery as to what is the ingredient of Jonas’ milkshakes? By the way, for the diet freaks you can order a Jonas Shake without milk. My favorite continues to be Banana-Choco-Peanut for P70, what’s your favorite?

2). Authentic Hilot Filipino Massage (P350). I’m a massage freak and Hilot Filipino massage is one of the best massage that I’ve ever had! I can’t understand why people would go for shiatsu or swedish when the traditional Hilot is even better and cheaper. We should support this and we need to elevate this to the level of popularity as Thai/ Swedish massage in the world.

3). Sunset Happy Hour! Normally happy hour starts at 5pm and this sunset party in front of Waling! Waling! is so much fun. There is also some talks about illegal floating bar which operates until the sun sets and I’ve not tried it personally. What is important is that you are with the company of your friends over a bottle of beer laughing at funny life stories while you wait for the sun to set in the horizon.

4. Paraw Sunset Cruising (P150/head). I have removed Banana boat in my list because it destroys the environment and once you have experience it once you won’t crave for it anymore. Paraws on the other hand is the local boat indigenous to Boracay and it is the Boracay equivalent ofthe Gondolas in Venice and the Junks in China. You should try the Paraws with soothing tunes on board for that perfect sunset Paraw Sailing with background music. Check out the Sasha Paraws @ +63 36, 288-4032 or inquire at your hotel’s lobby.

5). Try out the coolest Restaurants in Boracay! Boracay is well known for its culinary delights and here are my top five favorites:
(a) The newest authentic Cyma Greek Cuisine in d’mall,
(b) Aria italian cuisine in d’mall,
(c) Banza/ Portugalia Authentic Portuguese cuisine in Station 3,
(d) Travesia Restaurant (originally Dos Mestizos Spanish Cuisine) in Asya Resort in Station 2,
(e) Prana Restaurant in Mandala Spa in Station 3.
I’ll cover all these new restaurants in a separate posts.

6). Dance the night away at What-Happens-in-Boracay-Stays-in-Boracay Parties! Need I say more? The best party places continues to be the following:
(a) Cocomangas in Station One
(b) Club Paraw in Station One
(c) Pier One in Station One
(d) Hey Jude! in Station Two
(e) Summer Place in Station Two
(f) Juice in Plazoleta in Station Two
I’m not sure if you notice this but Station One is mostly Pinoys while Station Two has a lot of the foreigners.

7). Shopping and Wheel ride in D’Mall (P20). This is the newest landmark in Bora in the middle of d’Mall where Hobbit House is also located. I’m really not fond of shopping so I’ll leave this at this.

8). Chori Burger fad! This food innovation in boracay continues to be the favorite snack of Pinoys in the island. This is perfect for that happy hour pulutan food or an after drinking gimmick meal.

9). Boating around the Bora Island. There are a lot of destinations around Boracay and during my particular trip, I was not able to have a boat ride. Although, this continues to be one of the cool things you can do in Bora.

10). Truth or Truth Sessions! One of the things why people go to Boracay is to have a very good bonding session with Friends. Parties are not a very good bonding session because either you are dancing or you can only talk to the person near you. Here is one suggestion that could make your Boracay vacation truly unforgettable. Find a secure a private hut in front of your resort at night, and find a game that you can play. The easiest would be a card game and the person who will lose will have to answer a Truth or Truth game. This is a no-holds-bar question and answer portion where you can ask anything under the sun and people are obliged to answer it. A good starting question would be, “Are you still virgin?”, etc… I guess you get the point. Try it out, and I’ll assure you that time will just pass by and you’ll just notice the sun rising in Bora.


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