Golden Sunset is one of the hottest resorts in Batangas now! Thanks to Mader Ricky Reyes (people in the resort calls him Mader) for opening their suppose-to-be family vacation resort to the public. The resort is located in the heart of Calatagan, Batangas — 3 hours away from Manila via Tagaytay which is the half way point. I say that it’s hot because it just fully opened this January (soft opening last Oct during Ms. Earth Pageant) and all the weekends were fully booked and overflowing with tents on its open grounds! If you call the reservation office, nobody would answer you because a lot of people are inquiring about this place and they cannot handle the volume anymore. I actually had to drop by as a walk-in and risk that I will be rejected but fortunately I was able to get a standard room for 3 days and 2 nights. I’ll be creating a trilogy series on Golden Sunset to give you the overall experience, what to do and what to expect of the Golden Sunset Resort.

I also got a lot of frequently asked questions in my blog about Golden Sunset because there was really lack of honest-to-goodness article about this place. This is a well-marketed place so expect only the good reviews in the internet and good photos at their official website. Although, for the first time, I hope to provide you with what a Golden Sunset Resort experience is all about. In this first post, I’ll tackle the frequently asked questions about Golden Sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much is the overnight stay at Golden Sunset?

During Peak Season from Mar16 – Jun15, the airconditioned rooms would costs:
– a Standard Room good for 1-2 guests would costs P3,080,
– a Deluxe room with a loft for 1-4 guests would costs P4,180
– Garden Cove with loft for 2-6 guests would costs P4,950

The costs includes a Filipino/ Continental Breakfast, Welcome Drink (iced tea) and use of the facilities (swimming pool, butterfly sanctuary, jacuzzi, playground, etc.)

You can check out the tariff rates , their official website.

2. How much if you only want to use the facilities for a day excursion?

They charge P300/ head which includes entrance and use of the swimming pool. There is a 15+1 group discount.

3. Can you bring food or cook your own food inside?

There are no cooking facilities inside and they discourage bringing food and drinks because there are two restaurants where you can eat from. You can bring snacks, pica-pica, water and some drinks but that’s about it.

4. Can we swim in the beach and swimming pool?

Certainly there is a nice swimming pool with a giant slide. There were beach sands but definitely there is no beach because the place is a fish pond area of Calatagan. We had to go to Playa Calatagan to swim in the beach which is a 15-20 mins drive from Golden Sunset.

5. Would you recommend the place?

Let us say this is a matter of preference, and we loved our stay because it was a truly a family vacation spot. My son, Aidan enjoyed a lot in the kiddie pool, playground, butterfly sanctuary and kids’ room. We enjoyed the cultural shows at night, the nice cool breeze, and enjoyed the nature including the awesome sunset. It would have been perfect if there was a beach but still since it is new, it is an enjoyable place to be in. During our stay, we encountered some maintenance problems but it was resolved after we complained. As a conclusion, Golden Sunset Resort is like the Island Cove in Cavite but better, homey and indeed Mader’s Paradise.

6. The numbers are always busy. How do you make a reservation?

Yes, they are always busy both the landline numbers and even the website! So it is hopeless by now, not unless you go there on walk in. But I do hope it improves after the summer season.

Here are the official Contact Information:
Travelpros, SM Megamall
Tel nos. 6343109 / 6340266 / 6340265 / 6316392 / 6361687 / 6356609 / 6356610
Tel fax: 6340267

Travelpros, SM CITY Fairview
Tel nos. 9388742 / 9395623 / 9396023
TPI, Flight Center, Market Market fort bonifacio
Tel nos. 8897296 / 8897297 / 7572250 / 7572251 / 8897396

Travelpros, SM CITY Lucena
Tel nos. 042-7104055
Travelpros, SM Southmall
Tel nos. 8000467

If you have any more questions, I can offer an unofficial help to answer questions based on our recent experience. In the next post, I’ll include what are the things you can do in Golden Sunset Resort, How to get there, and some more postcard shots of the place to give you a virtual tour.

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