Are you a Vieux Chalet virgin? If yes, then you are missing on one of the finest swiss cuisine in the Philippines for 21+ years now. Yes, I was a Vieux Chalet virgin too along with my friends Lui and Maong. I was ashamed that I was only able to try this out last Saturday and I cannot call myself a certified food adventurer if I was not able to try this out. If you are looking for that quaint out-of-the-way restaurant that serves excellent food made from the freshest natural ingredients and mostly home-made from its pasta, bread, cheese, etc., Vieux Chalet is the place to be! As an added bonus, you get a magnificent view of city lights during dinner time and excellent excellent service from Rico!! Vieux Chalet is Antipolo’s pride and best kept secret established by Tony Hassig for 21+ years now (since 1984) and it sits on top of the hill in the middle of a subdivision. It has been a witness to countless valentines date, anniversary dinners, and surprise dates for love ones that is truly memorable. Servings are generous perfect for sharing and family-style dining. The trip to this place is not that easy but it’s definitely worth it 🙂

Vieux Chalet Ambiance

The place is small about 10 tables so reservation is always a must specially if you want to have a good view beside the windows.

A piano area.

This was a house converted into a restaurant.

In my opinion this is the best table since it has a full view of the city lights. This place is very conducive for the barkada or family dinner. We went up in Vieux Chalet at around 9pm already they they normally closes at 10.30pm or until the last person leaves.

The Swiss Cuisine @ Vieux Chalet.

Italian Soup (P265). Medium serving good for 3-4 persons. Deliciouso!

Mixed Vegetable Salad (P265). Medium serving also good for 3-4 persons. The salad is crispy fresh and the dressing is tasty.

Fettucine Padilla Pasta (P565). Large serving good for 4-6 persons. Home-made pasta coupled with fresh cream from a cow’s milk served with the fresh mushroom ingredient. Most of the ingredients are home-made that is why the pasta is smooth and yummy.

Gindara Fish in White Wine Sauce (P485). We love the fish and it seems that you can never go wrong with whatever you order from this restaurant.

This is the main restaurant. There is actually a St. Moritz Cottage beside this that you can rent for P6,000 with a beautiful garden and swimming pool. Best to go here in the morning to get a good shot of the entire place.


Swiss-inspired Romantic Dining on a hill in Antipolo by Susan Hassig with an awesome view of Manila at night.

Address: Taktak Road, Antipolo City
Telephone: +632 697-0396,
Mobile: +63 917 856-5175
Email: [email protected]
FacebookVieux Chalet
Note: Accepts Cash

Driving Directions:
Go up to Antipolo via the Sumulong Highway and you have to drive way past the Padi’s point and Cloud 9 (you’re just half way through the Sumulong highway). Your first landmark is the banker’s subdivision on your right where after seeing it, you need to turn right on the first intersection after Banker’s. Go along the road and you need to turn right to Villa Christina/ Mari Arcway. This is a narrow street so don’t be surprised. You should start to see signs of Vieux Chalet, if not just go straight and there will be a sign that would show you to go up a steep hill. You should be able to see Vieux Chalet or St. Moritz Cottage on your left.

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