Here is another tip for you. Bag of Beans is the coffee place to be in Tagaytay. Here you will find the most expensive coffee that is proudly Philippines made! You should try out the roasted Coffee Alamid which has a sweet, chocolatey aroma that heightens the senses — light and naturally sweet. What makes this amazingly expensive is that the coffee beans are digested by the Philippine civet (a cat) which ferments the coffee beans and excreted as whole beans. If you did not get that, these are beans harvested in the civets waste by farmers in the wild forrest. It became known when it was tasted by Oprah who was surprised to know about the origins of this delicious coffee. Now, I guess this is enough trivia for you to impress your date 🙂 Check out the story of –> Coffee Alamid!

By the way, Bag of Beans is along the main highway in Tagaytay after passing by the Mendez intersection but before reaching the Tagaytay radars or the way going to Antonio’s. If you need more detailed instructions, email me at [email protected]