Jay was very kind enough to let us visit Kubli Springs which is still an undeveloped properly owned by their family. You have to cross this spring and go upstream where Jay had setup lunch picnics or evening dates all for the same price of P500/person (standard line pricing). This springs is an extension of the Kinabuhayan Cafe and once developed, I’m sure this is one of the nice secret dining places in Dolores, Quezon. I love nature and settings such as these are priceless and I can already imagine a better alternative to Villa Escudero’s lunch where you also eat with your feet submerge in water and tables are setup on top of the water.

Unfortunately, we decided not to cross because we don’t want to get our feet wet and besides I won’t be able to bring my camera upstream.

This is a group picture taking with the Mt. Banahaw (covered with clouds) as a backdrop. The place is still virgin and undeveloped that we were cautious when we visited Kubli Springs since it feels isolated and you are in the middle of a valley with forrest all around.