Malapascua is described by the lonely planet as “The Thinking Man’s Boracay” and is the next greatest beach discovery after Boracay. It is like Boracay 5 /10 years ago or I would describe it as Boracay less the nightlife (very quiet at night!) . The sand is sugary fine and the waters are calm such that you can imagine you have a large swimming pool that you can swim for miles. I’ll be writing a series on Bantayan/Malapascua adventure in time for the summer season and specially holy week which is the peak season for these beaches.

I’ve been here about five years ago and now there is an authentic Italian Restaurant (La Dolce Vita) and new resorts (Blue Corals) have been established. Night life is still quiet, although a disco bar, Maldito, was established 3 years ago but it just recently closed. Overall, I’m happy that its charm has been kept intact over the years. This would change once the roads have been developed and the port established. This continues to be one of the best kept secret beach for a select few to enjoy. Normally, you would only see foreigners in this island because it is promoted by Lonely Planet.

Just exclusive to Our Awesome Planet, I took a panoramic picture of Malapascua just to give you an orientation where the resorts are because there are not much information on the web about this island. Very helpful as you plan your next trip to the island.

1. Blue Corals Resort – on the south end of the main beach, very nice cliff side resort. Only problem is it is beside a cemetery!
2. Mabuhay Restaurant – Delicious Grilled Filipino Food for P200/person.
3. Philippine Island Diver – one of many diving shop
4. Blue Water Resort – It has a sari-sari store cum bar in front with a second floor perfect for the private dinner overlooking the beach. We stayed here because they accepted credit card!
5. Cocobana Resort – The Biggest Resort and Most popular because this is were the boat station is, and they have beach front huts that you should try to reserve. Btw, most of the resorts do not have airconditioning but it is very cool inside. Only problem is mosquitoes.
6. Sunsplash Bar – They own the shooters bar (still standing after 15) and the floating bar. On weekdays they are the only establishment that is alive and kicking. They are already a second row resort/bar and the entrance is beside cocobana.
7. Sunset Beach
8. Tropical Beach
9. Sea Explorers – Diving Shop
10. Hippocampus Bar and Resort – Nice bar with stools facing the beach.
11. Thresher Shark – One of the most popular Diving Shop that actively advertises.
12. Dano Resort – Owned by a local, you can pitch a tent outside and this is one of the resort that is not aesthetically appealing.
13. Exotik Resort – This is one of the high-end resort with airconditioned rooms, chinese restaurant, and nice dive shop. Only problem is it is on the other end of the main beach such that you have to walk 10-15 mins to go to the bars or to the south beach.