Finally, I’ve always wanted to eat dinner Je Suis Gourmand and finally we decided to eat here as we celebrate Aidan’s first birthday in a simple way with family. It was a personal decision not to celebrate Aidan’s birthday in an elaborate Kid’s party way because it was not appropriate. A lot of people are raving about Gourmand for its delicious French cuisine by Chef Marc. We ordered mostly their main entrees and it was indeed delicious with generous servings (good for 2). We ordered the best sellers in the house and should have listened to Sharon that each serving was big and good for more than one person.

Je Suis Gourmand has an intimate setting and only has few tables inside and some outside as the smoking section area. This January, it is still cool with the winds tunneling outside of the resto. Actually, it was the perfect type for the evening dinner conversation with friends enjoying good french cuisine, good company and good wine. Unfortunately, I lacked foresight that we were bringing in three babies (aidan, carlos, and sophia) and it could get chaotic with the babies. Anyway, we survived the night with the babies but I felt we were frowned upon by the Chef because he did not go back to our table after initially greeting us or even thanked us for coming. Chef Marc, the owner, is known for chatting with his customers and making sure they feel welcomed.

Aidan is wearing a Chinese Tiongsam Red Pajama with matching red cap. He looks like the baby from the last emperor 🙂

This is the ambiance of Je Suis Gourmand and there were a lot of foreigners eating dinner (which is often a good testament of good authentic cooking. Also, there are a lot of regulars including my online friend Sharon who visits there almost every week (wow!). By the way, I already started my low carb vegetarian, Eat to Live diet (so no dairy and meat for me). I relied on my wife’s and my family’s testament on how the food was. Although, I can vouch for the vegetables, it tasted crunchy, fresh and full of flavor 🙂

Sauteed Portobello Mushrooms (P290) with olive oil, Garlic and Tomatoes topped with Poached Fresh Farm Egg. I loved the mushrooms! As part of my diet, I should eat a lot of beans and mushroom so I did not waste anytime and enjoyed this plate of portabello mushrooms. I did not know that mushrooms can absorb such flavor and can taste so great.

Roasted Vegetables and Feta Cheese Salad (P220) with Red Wine Vinegar Vinaigrette. Another winner, this salad tasted great with the red wine vinaigrette. Everything tasted great even without the cheese. Maybe its the roasting that creates the flavor, huh…

Assorted Pate Platter (P480) with Duck Foie Gras, Duck Rillettes, Farmer’s Pate & Pork Rillettes served with condiments and bread. This is their killer food in their appetizers. You should taste the Duck Foie Gras, so deliciously addicting that I don’t even want to taste it cause it could ruin my diet 🙂 This was a winner for my wife although she didn’t eat too much of it because of the cholesterol it has 🙂

Roasted Marinated Duck Confit (P490) with stewed lentil and Marsala Sauce.. If you are into ducks, you should try this. Just by the looks of this, you can taste the Marsala sauce and the duck. This is far from the typical peking duck that you would have in Chinese restaurants. Expensive but worth it and we ordered two of these and everything was wiped out.

Braised Lamb Shank (P440) in pepper mushroom sauce with roasted potatoes and vegetables. You cannot go wrong with this order. I ate the vegetables and you could taste the yummy sauce the type that you would want to lick the sauce clean out of the plate 🙂 My wife liked this lamb shank too although a few said that it was a little salty. We ordered three of these 🙂

Roasted Pig Trotter (P350) with Dijon Mustard Sauce. This is like crispy pata roasted and the bones removed. My dad ordered it and liked it too. The serving was too much for one person.

Ox Tongue “Ravigotte” (P320) with marble tomatoes. If you are into Lengua dishes, this is certified as one of the killer food in the entrees. Both my sister-in-law loved this and said that it is heavenly delicious. You should order this if there is one thing you would like to try.

Fettuccini with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Goat Cheese (P280). Of course, you there are the traditional pastas that you can order. Tanya has a review and raved about it during one of her lunch with friends.

There were fifteen adults in the family, 3 babies, and 2 yayas celebrating Aidan’s First Birthday. Unfortunately, our last emperor, Aidan, was already knocked out by this time and slept thru the night away… Happy 1st Birthday Aidan!! We love you so much!

Je Suis Gourmand Inc.
GF Net1 Center Bldg. Fort Bonifacio, beside Neo Spa and BPI
Parking in Mcdonalds in front of Gourmand
Tel# +632 815-8801-02

More Pictures of Aidan’s Birthday Celebration.