My Big Brother (in black) went home for the Christmas Holidays and this is a family reunion and was looking for a perfect welcome dinner for him. I’ve been wanting to check out Fiama which is another restaurant using the Enoteca (meaning wine store). It was actually awkward, when if you look closely at the back tables, people are in formal or at least casual chic attire and we were in jeans and casual attire (hehe). I just came from Tagaytay and I just invited my family impromptu to discover Fiamma. It was a fun dinner, nice ambiance, great food mostly and great service. Ideal for the date or special dinner for two (worth the extra costs).

I’ll let the food photos do the talking. Let me know if you can taste the food just by looking at it 🙂 Welcome home bro!

Forgettable shrimp soup (P200). This taste like @@#[email protected]#$, so don’t order this. This is the only food we hate.

Fiamma Signature Caesar- crisp Gourmet Farms romaine heart in spicy lemon anchovy dressing with quail egg croutons and slivers of manchego cheese (P240)– Yummy but expensive for its tiny serving.

Shrimps and leeks simmered in crab fat and cream over linquini noodles (P480) — super delicious but sinful at the same time 🙂

Angel Hair with calamari, fresh tomato chilis and calamansi finished with cilantro and extra virgin oil (P280) — Better than Italianis and worth every peso 🙂

Capalini in fresh chili tomoto sauce with sweet olives and fresh basil (P310) — healthy and perfect for my mom!

Beef Tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms and gorgonzola over Dijon whipped potatoes along with olive crusted tomatoes and garlic fried spinash finished with Zinfandel jus (P690) — Oohh, Just perfect! My Dad had fun with this and I was able to get a bite out of its juicy meat 🙂

Sesame Crusted tuna with calamansi and sambal olek butter over rice with glazed green beans and carrots (P750)– My brobo knows what to order and this is the most expensive in the entree, but I tell you it is soo good and delicious.

I attached here the menu also, just for you to check out and impress your date how well you know the place 🙂

Fiama Ristorante Enoteca
Jupiter Street (Former Crocodile before Gerry’s Grill)
+632 897-1352