To be fair to Irene, she told me that most of the items/ accessories in her closet was on display in a Tiangge so the place actually is empty except for the vintage clothes. So, this post, will just really be a teaser or just a peak into another one of unique shopping place in the tradition of I Love You store and Marni’s room. Although, since I we have not seen the accessories, I would defer including this in the Unique Store series.

Irene’s Closet is a tucked away closet — a store within a home setting wherein you can find the latest hip lines — from one of a kind Vintage Fashion, Mixed Media Accessories and other unique finds. Each piece is meticulously designed to make it savvy and one of a kind art piece. Just a tip, go here for the Mixed Media Accessories and not for the vintage clothes. Here is a peak inside the room of Irene’s Closet.

Vintage Clothes galore!

The table and hangers are currently bare but on normal days you can see accessories galore here.

More vintage clothes. Although, I have to say this, that the vintage clothes feels “pilit” and my wife did not like it very much having gone to Marni’s room, I Love You Store, and Store for all Seasons.

Irene N. Pineda
22 Aries St. Bel-air 3 Village Makati City, Metro Manila
Mobile# +63918 9357619
Sun# +63922-8900850