tiendesitas – 2, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I’ve never been fond of Shopping Malls and Tiangge’s because (1) they are waste of time, (2) expensive since their retail prices are not direct from the source, and (3) it is not unique since anybody can get it. Tiendesitas is no exception, which means “little stores” located along Ortigas corner C-5 and has been in operation for 3 months now. It is owned by Ortigas and Company Ltd (same owner as greenhills shopping center), and it is envisioned to be the Chatuchak equivalent of the Philippines. This three (3) hectare flea market mall area is part of the bigger 2 billion, 18.5 hectare Fontera Verde Development which would also houses an Super SM Hypermarket and MC Home Depot in the future. You can go here for Fashion, Food Delicacies, Pet Shops, and Antiques with Free Parking and ATMs available.

So why would I go to Tiendesitas where the prices are touristy expensive, and each visit would be a workout in the gym ? They are living up to their equity of being able to acquire the True Taste of Pinoy and here are five reasons why…

Best Merienda in town, Langka Suman (P22) and Tsokolate (P45)! This is a winner and don’t miss this and this would surely make your trip in Tiendesitas worthwhile. It is so expensive and addicting that you would crave for more 🙂

Don’t be deceive by the looks of this, because this is the food stall where you can only pick up your order of Dindi’s chocololate chips cake (thanks to Lori). It is located in the food delicacies section and it is easy to find. Just a caveat though, we were disappointed with the chocolate chips cake but you gotta love her brownies (diet killer!)

I got to admit that the food area of Tiendesitas pays homage to food delicacies in the provinces which includes the best taste of Illongo Seafood. There is such a good selection of grilled food all around and it is easy to be lost on what food to eat. We happen to eat here in Freska, and the food is expensive as expected and it does not taste the type of Illonggo food when you visit the Visayas. We were disappointed frankly with the food and I was looking for that authentic kick given their prices but they just turn out to be one of those ordinary food court stalls. Although, this is perfect for tourist or balikbayan guest who wants to get a sampling and taste of the Philippines.

Now, this was a pleasant surprise, finding Sanctuario’s delicacies in Tiendesitas. No need to go to Tagaytay (which actually ruins it) and you can already get a taste of Sanctuario’s raisin bread and bangus pate. Check it out in your next visit!

Finally, an innovative Gourmet Balut in Brine (P75)! Perfect for those balikbayans looking for that fear factor food in a bottle. It tasted great and this is their first shop, and I’m now starting to think to give this as a gift to our expats.

Truly, Tiendesitas acquired the True Taste of Pinoy and I’m sure to go back for this!