Harbour View Square ala San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

There is this place in front of CCP which I love to go recently for dinner. It is called Harbour View Square which is across CCP. It is envisioned to be Manila’s version of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and a fusion of arts and culture with excellent food. If San Francisco Wharf has Alcatraz, we would have a tour of Corregidor just right next door. According to Sol Jose Vanzi article Harbour View Square: A Fusion of Arts and Culture, the complex be designed with an open area in the center of the project that could easily accommodate an entire philharmonic orchestra and a sizeable audience. They also designed the surrounding structures with large balconies complete with an expansive view of the stage. I’m glad that it is being designed by RMJM Architects, which is the one of the best in this industry and they did a superb job designing our offices as well.

This is a budding place and only a few people, foreigners in fact go to this place. There are lots of restos which includes an artsy Dencio’s and Grappa’s, up-scale version of Tapa King, and the best Starbucks by Manila Bay. I think the place is open 24 hours 🙂 One of my favorites is Mini Shabu Shabu where you can other a complete Vegetable Set for P160 and you’re done with a healthy food dining experience. You can add another P160+ if you want seafood or chicken with your Shabu Shabu. By the way, the Vegetable Set is not in their menu (beware!) because they would offer you a vegetarian meal which costs P200 more for a total of P360 and you’ll not be happy with it.

The place is still under construction and this is one of those places that I hope only a few people go to so that we would still have abundant parking and nice environment. You know what, this is a perfect place for the Christmas Party or Christmas hang-out with the cool breeze of December along with the Manila Bay winds.