Finally, I’m now part of the Pinoy Tech Bloggers (PTB) family as the New alternate PTB Blogger! I’m happy that among the dozens who expressed interest I got chosen 🙂 along with Mike Abundo who I met in one of the digital filipino eyeball, who is a great tech guy. Frankly, the reason I wanted to become a contributor in PTB is I want to channel all my technology posts into that group blog and keep Awesome Planet focused primarily on awesome stuff in the Philippines and things that makes me happy in our family life.

By the way, I’m also blogging at about photography and Pinoy Travel Blog about travel in the Philippines.

My Articles in
Essential Photo Backup Strategy
Top 5 Photo Sharing Website!

My inaugural post at Pinoy Travel Blog
Overnight Options @ Tagaytay


PS. Not sure where to put this Marc but anyway here’s the link to your SEO experiment The Quest for Diana Zubiri