I’ve always wanted to do a what’s in your bag post. I want to share with you my roadwarrior essentials:

1. Cath. Blackberry 7100 (Phone with email connectivity)
2. Wilma. Apple Airport ( Portable Wifi)
3. Angelika. Apple Ipod Photo 60GB (Music, Photo and backup needs)
4. Sierra Wireless Aircard 775 / Cisco Wifi Card ( Connectivity anytime anywhere)
5. Sandara. HP Tablet PC TC 1100 ( awesome laptop )
6. Moleskine Reporter Journal ( my idea journal )
7. Katerina. Canon 20D (digital camera — I used a Canon Powershot A400 as a representation 🙂
8. Melissa. Creative Muvo 256 USB Thumbdrive and MP3 Player
9. RSA Secure ID card (connectivity to our company’s network)
10. My blog cards