Discover the best therapeutic massage behind this gate by therapist, Bing Chua. Unbelievable?

I learned this from a good friend, Jeeves and Bing is a reflexologist who came from a 10 years therapist experience in Canada and recently Taiwan. He is a very meticulous person and his reflexology is superb. I know this because my cousin studied in Aksem in Dian taught by Dr. Manubay and I feel the difference. Now, there is an important difference between a Swedish Massage vs. a Reflexology Massage. In the former, you are just using the palm of your hands with oil and rub it along the skin. In Reflexology, it massages pressure points in the body to release any blockage and the theory is all the different organs of our body have a nerve point connected with our hands and feet. In a sense, if you have a lot of ailments, the reflex methodology could be painful but after which you’ll feel relieved and glad you did it. Some of his clients claimed that he is able to cure stroke patients because of his technique but he is too humble to admit it.

I arrived 2.30pm. The massage starts with a 15 mins. feet massaging test. I tried to take a picture here and this was the only picture I was able to sneak of myself. Bing courteously asked me not to take his picture or some of the equipment he is using. I kindly obliged. If you look at the picture above, it’s like rocks and it vigorously vibrates. I’ll tell you if you are not healthy and a lot of blockage in your veins, you won’t survived 1 minute in this machine. As expected I did not, and It was very painful 🙁 After this test, there is a makeshift steam bath using a cofta chair and a cover enough to cover your entire body when sitted and it has a hole so that only your head would stick out. Ok this is not your sauna ambiance, but you’ll perspire a lot and I did not last the prescribed 15 minutes. The theory is, the steam would also remove a lot of toxins for your body and would prepare/ soften your body for the 4 hours marathon massage!

Now the fun part, but here is the catch first. There is no ambiance — period. Expect an electric fan cooled room with a restroom so that you can take a cold shower after the steam bath. There is a foldable massage bed where Bing does the massage marathon. If you don’t like this, he is also available for home massages with additional transportation fee depending on the location. Once you transcend the ambiance, its heaven all the way 🙂 He would shut off the lights, and play this relaxing instrumental background music.

The Reflexology Massage Routine (as I remember because I kept on sleeping throughout)
1. It starts with 15mins of reflexology massage of your left foot then another 15 mins for your right foot. This is painful but for those who have tried reflexology, he has the right pressure and you’ll really feel relieved after wards. After the feet, he reflex your hands and arms (both left and right) for another 30 mins.
2. Then, you turn around and the first pass of the massage of the back focusing on your shoulders and the lower back — (sarap :). I told him I was stressed that is why these are the focus areas. After which, he reflexed the back of the head. This one I did not like because of the pressure on the head. Then he goes back to massage the back again (shoulders, lower back) and then the back of my legs and feet. This time he also massages your buttocks and reflexology in this part is really good. (for women, he has an woman assignment who does the sensitive massages). Then for the last time, a third pass of the entire back — Imagine that! I estimated the entire routine to have last 2 hours! (because when I checked in the watch it is 6.30pm already)
3. I thought it was finished but, I had to turn around for the entire body massage facing up. By this time, I was still perspiring because of the steam effect and because it is not air conditioned (which might be a good idea actually). At this time, he massages from the chest, to the stomach, the back of the head, and your face. As the massage finishes, he performs these stretching that I’ve never experienced in any of the spa massages I’ve been to. ( I’ve been to a lot of the popular ones cause I’m an addict when it comes to this things) Also, he would make you lie on your sides and do reflexology on the side muscles and take the opportunity to do further stretches as well. All of this for another 2 hours!

For me it was actually a total of 5 hours and we finished 8.30pm and I was late for Nick’s birthday party celebration. For me, this was the best massage ever! Although, to tell you honestly, I was bothered by the ambiance. But Bing reflexes the right points with his callous experience hands that I’ve never experienced before. He was so meticulous with the details that he is like a perfectionist when he performs and ensures that no point in your body gets un noticed. Last thing, your body will be bug-bog (battered) after this, so no sports activity in the next five days 🙁 Probably next time, I’ll just try the home service as long as I can provide Bing the right bed for him to perform his therapeutic massage.

Now, I’m guilty that I only gave him a tip of P50 but with a blog post 🙂



San Antonio Abad Subd., Maybunga Pasig City
“Need relief from pain, stress, and poor blood circulation. “
STEAM BATH Plus 4 in 1 Session Therapy combination of:
Reflexology, Shiatsu, Accupressure, and Swedish therapeutic massage.
0916-293.0534. 0919-592.5585

Here are the directions, if you are going from Ortigas, go past the fly libis road and over the Rosario bridge (1st bridge).
Turn right on the second street called C. Raymundo and this is in between a vacant lot with car wash and Shell gas station.
C. Raymundo is a long street that ends in the pasig rotunda and the place is directly in the middle.
Your landmark would be the MySpa sign where you need to slow down. You will see St. Therese Hospital on the left and Lola Idang’s Pansit Malabon on the left (small store). This is your cue to turn right along Narra Street going to San Antonio Abad.
The Narra street is short, turn right at the end, and then turn left which is a dead end street but you should be able to see the Maroon gate in the picture.

UPDATE 1/17/2006 – One of my readers, Glenda, informed me that he already increased his rates to P500 but it is air conditioned, clean and smells nice already. Still not bad for the best massage in town 🙂