Amazing Taal Volcano Crater!

How can it be soo nice and nasty at the same time? There is a feeling of serenity but also the feeling that you are on the dark side. The mirror lake entices you to come down and flirts with you to hike further down a 1 hour path to the crater lake. Red rocks, blue skies, white clouds, green mountains, dark blue waters welcome you to Taal volcano’s island. You can feel and see the awesome power of the volcano with its steamy rocks and vents that oozes out with white smoke just patiently waiting for the perfect time to erupt.

I’ll be sharing with you more postcards shots of the Taal Volcano and will share in a separate posts on what does it take to get to this place.

The scenic route down Taal Volcano with the contrast of nature’s colors.

Hiking up the road less travelled by.

I’m on top of taal volcano!