The Secret is Out :) Cheap Thai Food!

Here is another best kept thai cuisine secret for all those food adventurers out there. This time, this is a hawker style (just along the road- turo turo in short) place, where it serves sukho-thai food at a very cheap price! I’m really a food adventurer and sometimes I’m criticized for only trying the expensive ones (so here’s a cheap find for you). The food is cooked or supervised by a retired Sukhothai Chef who is a thai and has a family here in Makati. Som is the name of the grand daughter of the Chef. I’ve decided to check out Som’s Noddle House instead of going to the World’s longest dinner buffet in Eastwood (and the World’s most unsatisfied guests – I’m glad 🙂 Then, the next day, I also checked out SukhoThai in Megamall which is one of our favorites but we heard that it will be closing shop soon (hopefully just a rumor). Here is a blow by blow boxing match between Som’s Noodle House vs. Sukho-Thai before you even try to check this one out.

Som Noodle House vs. SukhoThai Boxing Round Comparison

Round 1: Ambiance
Som is just along a Poblacion Makati road alfresco dining whereas sukho-thai is in Megamall airconditioned. Parking is easy in Som’s vs. trying to park in Megamall on a weekend or lunch time. After badminton or exercise, Som’s is definitely the best place vs. Megamall. But I would give this round to Sukho-thai since overall comfortability is very important for me.

(winner: SukhoThai’s Ambiance)

Round 2: Tom Yum Goong
The soup is equally great and you can taste that Som’s tom yam soup is authentic Sukhothai soup as well. Although, there are fundamental differences like the Som’s Tom Yam used meat which is not that tender and uses button mushrooms. For Sukho-Thai it is shrimp and straw mushrooms. Our maid said that the original SukhoThai taste a lot better than the Som’s version. In terms of cost, the Tom Yam (P70) good for 3 vs. Tom Yum Goong (P220) good for 6.

(winner: Som’s Tom Yam Soup)

Round 3: Bagoong Rice
The bagoong rice tastes the same although the Som’s rice is older/ harder which is a characteristics of long stored rice whereas the Sukho-thai tastes newly cooked. Of course, I would think there would be a difference if you eat in the morning or if you eat at night in Som’s Noddle House since you might get the freshness of cooked food during lunch. Som’s bagoong rices goes for (P60) good for two while SukhoThai bagoong rice (P160) is good for 4-5 people.

(winner: Som’s Bagoong Rice)

Round 4: Pad Thai
This is no contest even though Som’s Pad Thai only costs (P65) vs SukhoThai’s Pad Thai (P170), the latter is a run away winner. Som’s Pad Thai does not even comes close. It is like spicy sweet spaghetti with kalamansi (I’m regretting that I finished this) Aarrgh.

(winner: SukhoThai’s Pad Thai)

Round 5: Green Curry
Som’s green curry (P65) sauce is rich with eggplant while SukhoThais’ chicken green curry (P165) taste a lot better because of the leaves. I like them both but the Som’s curry is home made and if not for my sore throat I would order the chili one which I heard is really chili 🙂 My wife likes the SukhoThai version better while the Som’s taste was forgettable.

(winner: SukhoThai’s Green Curry)

Round 6: Chicken Noodle Soup only @ Som’s Noodle House

We like the soup alot and its the type of clear soup that you would like to get back for more. However, we we ate the Mixed noodle and we should have ordered the Chicken only since the mixed ingredients were bad. All for P42 pesos 🙂

(winner: Som’s Chicken Noodle)

Round 7: Thai Desserts!

SukhoThai wins thumbs up for this since Som’s does not offer desserts. Here are the top 3 SukhoThai Dessert: Sticky Rice with Mango, Thai Halo Halo, and Ta Koh.

(winner: SukhoThai’s Desserts)

Nothing can beat the original SukhoThai (4-3) but if you are in the mood for cheap authentic Thai — Som’s is the place to be! Just a warning though, you need to make sure that your stomach can digest street food and we felt sleepy afterwards so we suspect that there’s a lot of Ajinomoto in the food.

Som’s Noodle House
5921 A. Alger St. Poblacion, Makati
757-8079, 0917-9227648
This is the street where Grilla is located along kalayaan ave corner Alger St. This is at the back of Rockwell.