Ho-hum dinner food

After 9 months (read my january post here), I had a chance to eat again in sanctuario, tagaytay. I was disappointed with the ho-hum food this time around which costs us P400/person and I was looking for the food that I raved about last time. I don’t know what happened but eating there on a wednesday night at 8pm in the evening with only us around might be one of the reasons. I just want to share with you my experience and be cautious next time you visit this place. My conclusion is Sanctuario is best for the merienda — coffee, dessert, bread.

Spicy Mushroom Soup (P85). This is expensive for a small bowl of soup and nothing special. We also tried the Squash & Cali (P95), and the Taro Bisque (P85) which is a clear soup pretending to be a bisque — both nothing special just your regular soup in a small bowl.

Foccacia Bread (P35), Raisin Bread (P30), and Bangus Pate (P30).
Well this could be the best part of the meal– specially the Bangus Pate. Originally, we loved the raisin bread, however, it lack the crispy outside and juicy inside taste. Total price for this set is P95 and come to think of it, you’ll eating all carbo 🙂

Mixed Greens with Pesto Dressing (P155). This was suppose to be the killer food for the night according to the server. It tasted ordinary and I would just ordered in Goolai @ P100 and I’ll be a happier person. What happened here, Sanctuario?

Beef Caldereta (P160). Their rice toppings are OK together with the supposedly most raved about pesto salad on the side. The server kept on building up the reputation of the salad that didn’t live to its expectation. I’m sorry but I’m really disappointed with this salad (not the calderetta which is OK). We also tried the Chili Tilapia (P145) and tasted fried and OK too.

Pasta Pesto (P130). Now this one tasted like the one my brother used to make me with Pesto straight from a can mixed with Pasta topped with Cheese. I could have ordered in Cibo or Don Henrico and I’ll be more satisfied. I know, I know I’m in Tagaytay and what can I expect? My sister-in-law tasted the Pasta Aligue (P175) and still falls under the ho-hum description.

Suman & Manga (P130) and Coco Langka Ice Cream (P60). This dessert continues to make me happy and I’ll go back here anytime. So, maybe Sanctuario is really just good on appetizers, desserts, and coffee.