The world is now flat (Thomas Friedman). The playing field is now leveled and Filipinos have access to knowledge-pools and resources the same with any developed country out there. Everyone is connected via the web or the mobile phone and you can instantly converse with personalities and thought leaders all over the world via their email address or via their blogs. Web 2.0 (Tim Orielly) is emerging and Filipinos now have the opportunity to take the lead in this emerging trend. I was inspired by the book 12 Little Things every Filipino can do to Help their Country (Alexander Lacson) and I want to push the concept on what Filipinos can do in a flattened Web 2.0 world (with a little effort of course). I truly believe that if we leverage on our Filipino strengths, learn breakthrough ideas in a flattened world, and develop our capabilities in Web 2.0 emerging trends, then we will become a super power in the knowledge-driven global arena.

What does it take to become a Pinoy 2.0?
1. Establish your Pinoy Identity with a .ph
2. Apply People Power Strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Pinoy Sites
3. Learn to speak and read Mandarin
4. Become a Pinoy Netreprenuer
5. Explore the Philippines and be a Virtual Tourist.

1. Establish your Pinoy Identity with a .ph identity. I’m proud to be a Filipino and we should say so starting with our email address and personal blog site. This is best accomplished by getting a Gmail Account, a mail forwarding package from, and an blog . My personal email address that I use now is [email protected] and with my personal blog site as (I’m still developing the site). In Gmail, you can specify an alternative email address as the sending address and then associate your .ph email address to your gmail account. The Gmail account is free but you need to be invited by an existing member (email me if you need one). If you still have a yahoo account then you are still a Pinoy 1.0 generation. The mail forwarding package from .ph is $45 for 2 years with 15 email addresses so that translates to $1.50 per email address/year! So I actually subscribed for the email domain and started to use it for all my family members email address. (Maybe if the demand is higher, they can reduce the cost — what do you think J. Angelo?). The blog is free, finally!

2. Apply People Power Strategies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Pinoy Sites. Every Filipino who has a blog/ website should link to anything and everything that is Filipino. This is to boost their page rankings of all this Filipino sites into the search engine. SEO is a key expertise that we need to have to become a key player in the new web 2.0 world. Essentially you design your blogs/ websites for the search engines which serves as a “Distributor” of your content to your target audience. Most People on the web use google (or other search engine) to search for information and it is even use to do background identity searches (hence the term googling a person). We have what it takes and I was inspired by allegedly the Philippines #1 SEO Firm based in Negros and all it takes is the right knowledge and skill. We need to revamp all the computer science courses in the Philippines to teach best in class SEO techniques. You should become a member of the SEO-Philippines yahoo group which is an emerging community in this field moderated by Marc Hil Macalua.

3. Learn to speak and read Mandarin. One of the reasons that we are successful with business process outsourcing is the quality of our english which became almost our second native language. People understand english everywhere you go in the Philippines. It is inevitable that China is the next economic super power and in order for us to do business in China, we need to be able to speak Mandarin and latter on read Mandarin. Imagine if we can have China outsource some of their business processes in the Philippines and attract Chineses tourist in our country– our economy would benefit immensely! This is still part of my goal in the next 3 years and I heard that the best way to do this is learning in Beijing or Shanghai which have the best methodology for teaching non-chinese nationalities. Maybe, after I learn, I’ll setup a mandarin language institute in the Philippines or lobby for Congress to teach Mandarin in grade school. Imagine we would be the first country to speak both Mandarin and English fluently at the same time!

4. Become a Pinoy Netreprenuer. The formula is simple: Pinoy Netreprenuer = Unique Worthy Goods/ Content + Expertise in Web 2.0 Best Practices + Mastery of Google Adsense/ Affiliate Programs. We need to develop expertise for Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software. The next generation of software can best be experienced if you are using the following: Flickr/ Buzznet for your photo sharing, BitTorrent for multimedia content, Wikipedia for your research, Google Maps for best AJAX experience, Typepad/ Blogger/ WordPress for your business or personal sites, for your bookmarks, technorati/ pub sub to be in touch with the world’s conversations and 43Things/ 43People/ 43Places for your desires and goals in life. As for Adsense/ Affiliate programs, we already have a few 6-figure bloggers (in peso terms) that may be we can learn from Yuga or Connie. ( Maybe we should have a pinoy conference on this ) As for unique goods/ contents, this is a product of the Filipino ingenuity, the people you meet, the books you read. As starters, read thomas friedman’s “The World is Flat” and Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping point” and “Blink”.

5. Explore the Philippines and be a Virtual Tourist. My personal philosophy is that you should explore Philippines first before we explore other places on earth. I truly believe that the Philippines is beautiful and we just need to open our eyes and explore it. My blog serves as a window to my own personal travels and adventure in the Philippines. However, that is not enough and to become a truly global Pinoy we need to see the world not only in term of the web but in terms of hi-res satellite images of the best places on earth. If you have not yet explored Google Earth then you are missing the best part of a revolution in travel. Explore the world in your desktop and experience the place as if you are in a helicopter tour of the place — best of all it is for FREE!

Maybe I should write a book about these things as well inspired by Alex Lacson 🙂