Beat Ateneo, Animo La Salle!!

Yes, 2005 is the year that Ateneo wouldn’t want to remember. We beat them in the Legends Game, All Stars Game, two (2) UAAP Regular Games, and today’s semi-finals with 74-57 (17 points)! I can’t believe it that we swept all the games with Ateneo this year (I’m glad I watched all of them in Araneta except for the first UAAP regular game). Oh how sweet it is to savor the semi-finals win and to read the victory threads, and the’s sour graping threads and thank you threads.

But, we Lasallians have a lot to thank you for our archrival Ateneo in today’s game:
— Thank you Ateneans for putting a great fight and you make our winning a lot sweeter!
— Thank you to LA for really showing his true blue spirit and he is the only one who had the guts and spirit to fight the entire green archer squad. It is soooo sad that he would end his UAAP career with a cramps as Yeo shot a three points in his face.
— Thank you to the blue eagles for achieving your first lead at half-time this season at 22-25 with 15 points contributed by LA. We were scared for that moment.
— Thank you to the blue babble pep squad for a great half time show that is a lot better than ours (in my opinion) except for the errors the band made.
— Thank you to the Ateneo Crowd and Gordon for cheering your hearts out despite the odds. I know how it feels to lose and it is OK to cry. I also felt this once, when Ateneo beat La Salle two years ago during the championship.

— You make us all proud in showing Ateneo that they can NEVER EVER beat us!
— Thank you to Franz, for showing his coaching mentor, Norman Black that this is not the PBA and La Salle-Ateneo games are games about basketball spirit and alma matter pride.
— Thank you to king archer, Joseph Yeo, for showing us how great you really are in slashing, and attacking the ring for a magical basket. We would never ever forget the allehoop you assisted to Rico for a reverse dunk. You can never imagine the joy that you bring to the entire LaSalle Gallery with that play.
— Thank you to the La Salle Pep Squad for a funny half time show. Ateneans will never forget the Ryan Jig moves you did in front of the Ateneo gallery.
— To the players, thank you for all the great plays and for showing composure in the 2nd half. We know that the lead in the 1st half of Ateneo will be their last — we never doubted for a second.
— Can you give us the photo “shot” taken by Aquino at the half court in the dying minutes? Thanks for having fun and for sure Ateneans will loathe it forever.

ANIMO LASALLE!! We will have one year to savor a 5-0 beating of our archrival, ateneo!