Life is short to fulfill my mission in life. Death is imminent and this year my family are so blessed that we got to celebrate christmas and new year happily together. At first, I did not realize how devastating the tsunami was and in just one instance, you can just lose your life even when you are on vacation. I love beaches but I did not realize its power and the danger it could cause. Also, my close friend meli’s mom just recently died — diagnose with cancer and in a few weeks she died. Just this morning I found out that my other close’s friend anna’s uncle died under similar cancer circumstances.

On the brighter side, My wife and I are very excited to welcome Baby Aidan Dominic into this world. She is expected to give birth on January 20 but I’m hoping that she gives birth soon in time for our 2nd wedding anniversary on January 11. Aidan Dominic stands for servant of the lord and we hope that he would make a difference in this world.

With this context, I look forward to 2005 and I want to share it with you.