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It was our decision to give birth in Asian Hospital despite the fact that it was 20mins away from our Malate condo and despite some complains from family and friends that it was too far. I did not regret the decision and we enjoyed every moment that we stay in Asian. In fact, we wanted to extend for a few more days because our P1,600 room rate (small private room which is as big as a large private room in Makati Med that costs 3,000+); is almost shouldered by our health care in the office. Imagine P1,100 is shouldered by Philamcare and P400 is shouldered by Philhealth. We are just paying P100 per stay that already includes food hotel food, nurse at a touch of a button, and free utilities&services (daily cleaning, aircon and drinking water).

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The candelight dinner


1. Candelight Dinner and Makati Skyline Food. Yes, Makati Skyline serves the food so you feel like in a hotel rather than anguish at the sight of hospital food everytime it is delivered. There are 5 patient's meal served at 6.30am,9.30am,12nn,3pm,6pm. So keep your expectations low, and taste the food in Asian — it is really good. The clincher is the candelight dinner on your last day. Although the candelight dinner is hosted inside one of the converted hospital rooms. The waiter said it used to be held outside in the patio but then they realized that it is not good for the mom. In any case, the steak meets our expectations. There is a glass of wine, salad and dessert.

2. Only 1,600 private room that looks like a hotel. Of coures, you could argue that a room in manila doctors would costs P1,200 only and even cheaper in polymedic. However, if your benchmark is Makati Med or St. Lukes, the cost of the room is too cheap. It already includes, a ref, tv, a nice restroom, 1 sofa fed, door curtains, pantry service (water, ice, and microwave). The only tip is that these rooms are limited. If you are not able to get one, you'll be assigned a large private room costing around P2,400 which is still cheaper vs. P3,000+ rooms of Makati Med and St. Lukes.

3. Giving birth in Genesis. Genesis is located in the 3rd floor of Asian hospital where the birthing rooms are located. The birthroom is exactly like a small private room but the bed converts into an operation bed so it is really convenient. I think the delivery fees were reasonable:

Normal induced birth with epidural costs = 20,000
Huggery (Nursery)                               = 8,800
Anesthesiologist (In-House)                = 14,800

Other small stuff we love: (a) FREE parking basement or public, (b) FREE local calls, (c) visiting hours is 6am until 9pm (d) you'll really know who among your friends & relatives would extend an extra effort to visit you in Asian.

Other tips:
— rooming in your baby is a great experience — try it out,
— make sure you already fill out your philhealth forms and let your OB sign it already.
— finally, WE LOVE OUR PEDIA! I'll write a separate posts on why we love her.

The 1st family


1. Understaffed! It is not true that the staff is "bobo" or does not do their job well. We found that some of them are good and helpful, except that it is either there are too many request that they cannot attend to all the patients at the same time OR they have just been assigned and lacked experience regarding the hotel's operation or experience in handling patients. When you call for nurses, housekeeping or the huggery, it takes them almost 20mins to respond to your needs.

2. Overkill charging of our OB! Our OB charged us P37,000 as her professional fees and P5,500 for circumcision. I'm not sure if it is because she does not hold clinic there and there are additional charges for practicing in Asian or she really charges too much.

3. Inadequate tools. Specially there was a specific tool needed for circumcision that the Huggery did not have and they said that they need to order it from abroad. Also, the billing system is inadequate and process is not that great. You should be careful what they are charging you and you really need to understand your bill .

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4. Birth Certificate Hassle. We got baby Aidan's certificate after two weeks and this was great. However, it does not contain a registry number and you need to get it from the Muntinlupa city hall. What a hassle?!

Asian Hospital & Medical Center
Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa
Take the Filinvest exit , then turn on the first right after the toolgate.

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