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PAL’s Mid-Year Special Seat Sale Promo! #PALMidYearSale


Philippine Airlines announces its Mid-Year Seat Sale with P388 base fare for domestic destinations and USD99 for international destinations, passengers can book starting on July 13, 2020 covering the travel period of August 1, 2020 up to May 31, 2021.

Flying home to reunite with your loved ones or going on essential business travel? Following the national government’s move to relax COVID-19 lockdown measures in Metro Manila and other areas, non-essential trips and tourism abroad are now allowed but with strict measures in light of the pandemic.

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8 Best Ube Desserts in Manila!

We are still not tired with ube!

You’ll love these delectable treats that come in beautiful hues of purple. Here’s a list of ube desserts that we tried and worth having delivered….

I N U T A K is back.
@homecookingbykristina use fresh coconut cream from their Batangas farm for a satisfying inutak, a Taguig delicacy.

Sticky rice (galapong), coconut cream and sugar make up this kakanin (native delicacy) dessert. Imagine, a very creamy and smooth, ube-flavored bibingka with gooey and sticky consistency. A scoop of plain vanilla ice cream would be a great partner, don’t you think?

Home Cooking By Kristina
Instagram: @homecookingbykristina
Facebook: homecookingbykristina


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Hamilton Musical Review (Disney+ Movie vs. Theatre Version)

Awesome to watch the Hamilton Musical on Disney Plus performed by the original cast led by Lin-Manuel Miranda as the author and lead actor to celebrate the American Independence Day weekend.

Hamilton is a theatre hip hop musical about the story of the United States Founding Fathers particularly Alexander Hamilton. We watched Hamilton at the West End in London last 2018.

Here’s what we think about what we like about the theatre movie version vs. the live theatre production.

First Things First

This is one of our memorable dates with Rache watching the sold-out West End production of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London last March 2018.  We almost missed this but luck was on our side, someone returned 2 tickets and we immediately grabbed that opportunity even if it was out of our budget.  I did not want to let this pass while we were in London.

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10 Best Home-Based Desserts You Should Try Next!

Who needs a sugar boost? During this pandemic, many of us including myself have a guilty pleasure of turning to sweets for comfort in stressful times.

Here’s a list of the best home-based dessert we tried and tested last month from chocolates, brownies, doughnuts, ice cream to cakes that’s sure to sweeten a little bit of our time in quarantine.

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10X Your Digital Marketing! (Now Open for Registrations)

The game has changed over the lockdown and we are now faced with a digital-first world. We’ve been evangelizing this for years in Manila but now the time has come. The winner in this digital marketing game is not the one with the best brand or the one who has the most money for marketing, but the one who can adapt to the changing dynamics of the post-Corona virus world.

If you are just new to this marketing craft, the past digital marketing success does not matter because everything was reset and we are all back to zero. Don’t use strategies and tactics that worked in the past.  Lean forward to what would work with the changing behaviors and lifestyle habits of the audience you serve.

It’s hard to do it alone or even ask another person who don’t know anything about digital marketing. What if you can leap frog with new ideas and strategies to 10X the organic effectivity of your marketing? What if you can work with mentors, forever-newbie learners, and experts to navigate and quickly adapt to what happens next?

Introducing…. 10X your Digital Marketing Program by Anton Diaz.

Sign-up here: 10XyourDigitalMarketing Pilot Program

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12 Best Home Delivery Meal Kits in Manila!

Nothing beats a meal straight from the kitchen! Why not create the same gastronomic experience at home with our tried and tested DIY meals kits prepared by our favorite restaurants that delivers all of the ingredients, plus instructions which you can make yourself.

There’s ramen, kebabs, steak, Mongolian bowls, and even gourmet cooking in here…

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Best Weight Loss Strategies for People Who Love to Eat

It’s hard to lose weight when you love to eat but we learned the best weight loss strategies for foodies without giving up your love for food.

I lost 20 lbs during the lockdown while enjoying food, without starving myself.

Best Weight Loss Diet: Mediterranean Diet and Olive Oil

Eating plans in places like Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea is the best way to achieve a heart-healthy body and lose weight while you eat.

The Mediterranean diet is mainly characterized by vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, whole grains, beans; limited poultry, eggs, and dairy; and lots of olive oil.

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PalengkeGo: Online Palengke that Deliver Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

It’s important to store canned and processed food in case of an emergency during this pandemic. But one important thing you should always keep in mind is having a healthy diet to keep your immune system up to have a better chance in fighting COVID-19 infection.

PalengkeGo is a one stop shop that delivers most of your basic grocery needs from fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken, cooking oil, rice and others. The online grocery was recently established to provide the community with fresh and healthy ingredients which are conveniently delivered right to your home.  It was also established to better assist local farmers get their products to the market, as well as a way to find an alternate work for their current employees, as non-essential businesses were temporarily not allowed to operate during the pandemic.

Facebook: palengkego
Gmail: [email protected]
Instagram: palengkego


Here’s a look at our PalangkeGo cart…

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MAMA V Delicious: Pinoy Fiesta de la Mama V

Mama V Delicious founded by Tina Vitas is an online food delivery service specializing on Filipino home-cooked meals, comfort food classics with 60+ year old heritage recipes from Mama Vitas. 💛

They are best known for classic Filipino food that brings back nostalgia for Gen Xers (40+ above) and finding a new millennial audience (ages 25 to 34).

Mama V Restaurant has been serving home-cooked food in Malate (across DLSU)  since the early 2000s as a passion project by Mama V who turned 80 years old this year.


Mama V Delicious
Delicious at Your Door Step
Telephone: +632 7502-4210
Mobile: +63 917 811-7580
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @mamavdelicious.ph
Facebook: MAMA V Delicious Meals

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