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August 16, 2009


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condo in philippines

Nice condo, do you have a contract here to setup maybe at least one year contract? Oh,well thank you for this post.



Hi! Is ist still available?


Hi! Is ist still available?

maricris sy

hi.. is it still available?
can we check it out? thanks. is it at burgundy?


hello! which condo building is this unit? i'm interested

 rene requestas

the place is too small for its rent price.


That's actually the going rate. it is P16,000 really + P2,000 association dues + the parking rent is free.

Thanks for the comment!


The place is so nice. Is it still available? I really need a place near LS next term by may or june. Thanks.

ruth moreno

are you open for rent to own terms? if you do how much? thanks.


hi anton pls reply to my e-mail , i sent it to anton@diaz.ph a while ago. thanks a lot. God bless.

Kervin Tan

hey nice place! is it still available? i really need a place to stay near lasalle...thanks!



Is this still available? thank you and God bless!


How about for September lang po sana?

Joyce Reyes

hi anton, is the unit still available?

Anton Diaz

It is still currently rented until end of the year.

lorraine sanglay

hi! available pa ba to? i need ur reply badly. thanks! :) anong building to? wat floor?


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ruby gattoc

Is it available by april 2011?

Anton Diaz

Yes it is already. The current tenant will be there up to end Jan

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Fe S. Sedilla

available pa ba tong unit na to? Can I visit the unit this weekend? Thanks.

Anton Diaz

It is rented for now po. It is available for sale though. 


When would this be available again? Would it be available before September? Thanks.

Anton Diaz

It is rented until end of the year.

Miles Tomas

How much is your asking price for the sale? Terms?

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