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July 02, 2010

Ice Cream vs. Yogurt - And the winner is...

Ice Cream or Froyo?

Read First: [OAP SURVEY] Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Out of 2,111 foodie respondents, 66.1% prefer Frozen Yogurt over Ice Cream, with 76% of the Yogurt lovers opting to have healthy toppings like fresh fruits, granola or cereals with their frozen treat. On the other hand, Ice Cream lovers favor the premium, creamy type of ice cream, and 54% of them choose to savor the flavor of ice cream on its own.

Thanks to all the people who participated in the March-June 2010 survey on the battle between Ice Cream vs. Frozen Yogurt! :) Here is the summary of the survey with qualitative results on Why Foodies Love Yogurt or Ice Cream...

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June 16, 2010

Yogurt Nation vs. Tutti Frutti vs. Qoola

The Battle of the Self-Service, Weight-based Frozen Yogurt


In the fight for supremacy in the 100% self-service, weight-based Frozen Yogurt category in the Metro, who do you think will win -- the newcomer Filipino-owned Yogurt Nation in Bonifacio Global City, American chain Tutti Frutti, which is established inside the malls, or Canadian-based Qoola with its first branch in Greenbelt?

We compared the yogurt flavor, topping options, cost, ambiance and location to determine the winner in this battle.

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March 02, 2010

[OAP SURVEY] Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Ice Cream or Froyo?

I would like to know: Do you like Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? With or Without Toppings?

* To make it fun, for every 200th survey respondent, they will get a free P500 worth of Red Box Karaoke Gift Certificates until the 2,000th respondent. There will be 10 winners in total. 

* The survey is only open to Philippine-based OAP readers.

January 20, 2009

Red Mango Birthday

Red Mango Birthday-8 Red Mango Birthday-10

Red Mango Green Tea Frozen Yogurt (6 oz) (P120) with Kiwi and Strawberry Toppings (P30) 

Happy 4th Birthday, Aidan!

OAP is as old as Aidan. :) If some people like to create scrapbooks or a family photo album, we created the OAP Blog to document Aidan and Joshua's childhood adventures. 

Aidan was born on January 19, 2005. Time really goes by so fast, and my thanks go out to the OAP readers who have watched Aidan grow throughout these years.

To make his birthday special, we visited a number of places, including Manila's latest destination for frozen yogurt: Red Mango.

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