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4 posts categorized "[Travel] TARLAC: Mt. Pinatubo"

February 05, 2008

Mt. Pinatubo Hiking Experience

Mt. Pinatubo Hike 12.16-2
We visited Mt. Pinatubo Spa last November 2005 and vowed to go back to hike Mt. Pinatubo. After two years, I was able to fulfill that vow last January 20 2008!

I was flabbergasted with the awesome 2.5 hours trip to the top of Mt. Pinatubo. It was a combination of a one hour 4x4 ride, and a 1.5 hours leisurely hike up to the Mt. Pinatubo crater. Upon reaching the crater, you'll be rewarded with the scene of blue green waters that you can dip in. We celebrated our conquer of Mt. Pinatubo with a Korean and Filipino lunch back at Mt. Pinatubo Spa. We indulged in a shiatsu-thai massage before heading back home to Manila.
Pictures will not do justice to the experience but this is a humble attempt to capture the Mt. Pinatubo Hiking Experience.... Enjoy!

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August 14, 2006

Tacsiyapo Wall @ Isdaan, Gerona Tarlac

Isdaan -024.jpg

Intrigera! Tsismosa! Taksil! Magnanakaw!

Tacsiyapo!! Shame on You!!

Aahh, what a way to release your anger... It depends on how angry you are, you can smash a P15 cup or P1,300 working TV (yeah, a big TV). I don't know who would be crazy enough to drive for 3 hours from Manila just to throw a TV into a wall... But I must admit, this is a great gimik and a good marketing publicity for Isdaan.

A lot of people are intimidated to stop by this place because of its cheesy childish design with stone giants. But here is a tip for you, this is the best place to stop over before driving back to Manila after that Baguio or Pagudpud trip. In the past, Hacienda Luisita was my favorite place for that last dinner stop before NLEX but now it is merely a Starbucks stop.

We love it here.

It is a good place for families with kids who can play around in this floating restaurant and be entertained by the giant structures. The food is as good as Barrio Fiesta food, so it is a good stop for Filipino food if you have Balikbayans with you. The tacsiyapo wall, frankly, is just a wall which you will realize after wasting your P15 for a mug. But if you are really raging mad at that time, this is a sure way to release your anger while shouting "Tacsiyapo" and throwing away the mug or whatever you have chosen to smash onto the wall! Lastly, they have a San Kilo Bridge, where they would give you a free 1 kilo of tilapia, if you are able to successfully cross the bridge back and forth. We tried this successfully and we got 4 pieces of free grilled tilapia :) Best time to go here is in the evening so that it is a little cooler and you'll be prepared for any eventualities with the San Kilo Bridge.

Let me show you around Isdaan, so that next time you don't miss the fun happening in this place.

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November 13, 2005

Paying due respect to the Death March Heroes.

Capaz Memorial
I'm ashamed that I did not realized the significance of the Capas National Shrine until I came back and googled it. This is another reason I'm going back to Mt. Pinatubo to pay my due respect to the men who defended our country in Bataan and suffered in the death march. If you know the story, you won't hesitate to pay the P10 entrance fee/ person and a P20 parking fee and to drive closer to the monument.

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