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April 04, 2014

TACLOBAN: 140 Days After Typhoon Yolanda (A Photo Essay March 2014) #TindogTacloban

Tacloban 140 days after Our Awesome Planet-58.jpg
I visited Tacloban with my friend Spanky to create an ongoing Voluntourism Program in partnership with Operation Santa, to help the people of Leyte affected by Typhoon Yolanda. 

As donation fatigue sets in, the artificial economy created by International aid is removed, and the media starts to focus on 2016 politics, the Yolanda-affected areas will be forgotten -- unless we do an ongoing program to help the people rebuild.

I love Tacloban because of its yummy food and warm hospitality. Visiting the city, 140 days after the typhoon hit, changed our life perspective forever.

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Here's a Photo Essay of our visit...

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July 22, 2008

Leyte Pasalubong

Tacloban Pasalubong-10
Tacloban is the Ultimate Leyte Pasalubong haven. The top 4 pasalubong from Tacloban are Binagol, Chocolate Moron, Sagmani and Carigara's Pastillas. I would recommend that you buy all your pasalubong from Tita Aida's delicacies along P.Zamora St. (across Chowking).

Tacloban Pasalubong-4
Binagol (P25? /each) is made in the town of Dagami. It is made of talyan (a root crop similar to gabi). coconut milk and sugar. It is called binagol because the mixture is placed inside a coconut shell called "bagol" and steamed inside. We love the sweet surprise hidden at the bottom of the coconut shell.

Tacloban Pasalubong-5
Moron (P25? / each) is a suman with chocolate flavor. It is made of ground rice cooked in coconut milk then flavored with cocoa. It is smooth like a budbud kabog. Just imagine a suman dipped in chocolate batirol. Our favorite!

Tacloban Pasalubong-7
Sagmani (P25? /each) is the less popular among the pasalubong delicacies. It is similar to Binagol but it is made of cassava, gabi or sweet potatoes. It is cooked with coconut cream, sugar and sometimes coconut meat.

Carigara Pastillas

Carigara's Pastillas Special (P150). The special pastillas of Carigara is made of pure carabao's milk. . Addicting.

anton signature

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS. For Tacloban folks -- can you validate my price for Binagol, Moron and Sagmani? I forgot.

July 18, 2008

Tacloban City -- Top 10 Foodie Secrets of Tacloban (Part 2)

6. Ayo Cafe

Ayo Cafe-7

I like the cozy and homy vibe of this cafe. They are famous for their Spanish-style bangus and orange ribs. One of the interesting displays inside the restaurant is Anjanette Cabansag's (the owner) collection of Coke stuff.

Ayo Cafe Menu
Entree, Salad, Omelets, Pasta, Main Meals, and Hot Coffee and Tea
Waffles, Desserts, Shakes and Smoothies, Fruit Juices, Lemon Lime, Nature Chillers, Coke and Pepsi, Beer

Ayo Cafe
Spanish Style Bangus (P130). Brings back memories of the spanish style sardines I used to love when I was a child.

Ayo Cafe-2
Assorted Cheese Wraps (P60). Simple with a nice presentation.

Ayo Cafe-4

Anjanette Cabansag's Coca Cola Collection. I wonder if this is also part of Coke's campaign to paint the town red like in most sari-sari-store in the city.

Ayo Cafe
#5 JCO Arcade Apitong Road, Tacloban City
(+63 53) 325-4461

7. Guiseppe's Italian Restaurant


For 16 years, Guiseppe is the best italian restaurant in Tacloban. Joseph (Guiseppe in italian) Bonavitacola married a filipina and decided to establish a family in Tacloban. Taclobanons would go to Guiseppe for special occasions and celebrations. They are famous for their steaks and pizzas. For Manila tourists, people would come here if they don't know where else to eat in Tacloban. Guiseppe is to Tacloban as Sutokil is to Cebu. The food is really good but why would you want to eat in a Manila-style restaurant when you are in the province.

Antipasta, Pasta, and Beef | Pizza, Desserts, Shakes and Beverages | Seafood, Pork, Chicken, Vegetable and Filipino Specialty


Pizza All Toppings (P185) served on thin crunchy crust.


Steak with garlic and herbs


Joseph Bonavitacola's Guiseppe's Restaurant
173 Avenida Veteranos
Tacloban City, Leyte

Telephone: +63 53- 321-4910 or 327-0832
Mobile: +63 917 3060122
Email: jbona123@yahoo.com

8. Jose Karlos Cafe

Jose Karlos-8

Jose Karlos is the best and original Filipino designed cafe in the Philippines. This is better than any of the Filipino cafes I have seen (like Kape Isla, Bo's Coffee, etc.) in Metro Manila. Starbucks would look like an ordinary chain of coffee stores compared to Jose Karlos. I would like to commend the owner for a job well done with this cafe.

Jose Karlos Coffee Menu: Expresso, Brewed Coffee, Iced Expresso Beverage, Froccino, Chocolato, Tea, Fruit Chills, Pancakes and Waffle Special, Sandwiches.

Jose Karlos-6

It is nice to hang out here instead of Gloria Jeans or Bo's Coffee. In fact, the only edge of those other coffee shops is the free WIFI they offer. For Jose Karlos, I don't understand why they prefer to have an internet cafe and decided not to offer Free Wifi. Most local tourist these days are looking for FREE Wifi spot and I do hope they can offer this service.

Jose Karlos-4

The ambiance feels like you are just hanging out with your college friends at home.

Jose Karlos

Jose Karlos Cafe
in Front of Santo Nino Church

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July 17, 2008

Tacloban City -- Top 10 Foodie Secrets of Tacloban (Part 1)

The foodie scene in Tacloban City is underrated. Most people think that Guiseppe Italian restaurant is the only exciting foodie place in the city. I was so excited to explore the different flavors of Tacloban. I'm planning to share it with people via a Food trip/ Heritage/ Sangyaw Festival Tour of Tacloban next year. In the meantime, let me share with you the top 10 foodie secrets of Tacloban.

1. Rafael Farms Garden Restaurant
Rafael Farms-4
Rafael Farms is a cross between Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay and The Farm @ San Benito. Named after the adopted son (or grandson) of entreprenuer Rene Tampi, Rafael Farms is my vote for the best restaurant in Tacloban City. Rene started with a restaurant in Tacloban called "Join Us". It is a favorite meat place in the city and popular for ready-to-cook food and supply of meat.

A set menu only costs P220 which gives you a choice of salad; a side dish of green rice, potato sticks or sweet corn; a main course of pork, chicken, fish or baby back ribs, dessert and drinks. In Manila, P220 is the average cost of one gourmet dish. Check out the rest of the menu @ Rafael Farms.

From the Sandwich Bar, Drinks, Desserts, Barista Specials
Rafael's Farm Special Treat (P220), From Grandma's Recipe Box, Noodles from East and West
Family Favorites: Cool and Light, Grilled Pork from our Barbecue Pit, Chicken, Seafoot, Marinated Steak.

Rafael Farms-3
You can conveniently visit San Juanico Bridge which is only approx. 20 minutes from the farm.

Rafael Farms
Brgy. Pagsulhugon, Babatngon,
LeyteTelephone: +63 915 9200325 or +63 53 -325 0729.website: www.rafaelfarm.com

Rafael Farms-7
Inside the main dining area, the ambiance is characterized by crocheted tablecloths, wooden/ garden chairs, seats covered with banig, and artwork-for-sale all around the dining area.

Rafael Farms-13
I would also recommend the big servings of Halo Halo ala Rafael Farms for merienda!

2. Rizal Avenue Barbecue Stalls and Aling Manang's Native Chicken.

If Bacolod is Manukan country, Tacloban is Barbecue country! Eating barbecue at night is an experience you shouldn't miss.

Barbecue Place
There are two recommended barbecue places to go. First, is the Baldevia Siblings's Barbecue stand along Rizal Avenue near the Tacloban Market. They use a special kind of marinate for their barbecue which is served with a special kind of vinegar. I have eaten in the RTR plaza, or the barbecue places near the bay, the Baldevia's barbecue stands out to be the best.

Barbecue Place-5
Second, I would recommend Manang's Native Chicken barbecue stand. You can see Manang's stall along Justice Romualdez at night. She serves a special kind of native chicken barbecue that only she can provide.

Barbecue Place-3
Don't miss to eat these Tacloban longganiza. It is sweeter and more meat than fat.

3. Ocho Seafood Grill
Cristina Gonzales would probably agree that this is the best fresh seafood restaurant place in Tacloban.

Ocho Grill
Eating baked scallops is one of the guilty treats when you visit Tacloban.
Ocho Grill-2
Ocho grill is a modern seafood paluto restaurant where you order from a fresh display of seafood and specify how you want it cooked.

Ocho Grill-3
Don't forget to order the fish skin chicharon that I've only seen in Ocho grill.

Ocho Seafood & Grill
Sen. Enage Street, Tacloban City
Telephone: +63 53 325-4171. 523-8808

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July 02, 2008

Romancing San Juanico Bridge, Tacloban City

8 Things You Ought To Know About the Longest Bridge in the Philippines

San Juanico Bridge-4-2

1. San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the Philippines measuring 2.162 kilometers in length.

San Juanico Bridge-15

2. The bridge connects the province of Leyte and the province of Samar.

San Juanico Bridge-4

3. It is also called the Bridge of Love because it was (allegedly) a gift of Ferdinand Marcos to Imelda Romualdez and to the city of Tacloban.

San Juanico Bridge-13
4. It was constructed in August 1969 and completed (before I was born) in December 1972.

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