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January 13, 2011

KAOS, the Circus Musical

KAOS The Musical (199 of 289)

KAOS, an original production by Resorts World, is the name of the land where the entire circus musical is set. The title is inspired by the actual name of the white lion in the show. It is a Chinese Acrobatic show+ American Circus + Cirque de Soleil + Broadway Musical rolled into one.

Here are the highlights...

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December 04, 2010

Little Big Club Live! - Don't Miss Barney + Thomas + Bob the Builder Show

Little Big Club-1

Finally, Barney, Thomas the train, and Bob the Builder in one fun musical stage show called The Little Big Club Live in Concert! I asked Aidan if he can identify the other cast members and I was surprised he knew Fireman Sam, and Angelina Ballerina. Pingu the Penquin is just getting popular.  

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June 08, 2010

Why I Love Bellyfest 2010

BellyFest 2010 by Jill Ngo-28

I'm pleasantly surprised to know that there's a flourishing Belly Dancing community in Manila. I met Jill Ngo and her Goddesses of Bellydance, who introduced me to the Bellyfest 2010, during the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 event.

According to Jill, most women belly dance because of the following reasons:

  1. It is fun and creates camaraderie among women. (I guess it is a girl thing.)
  2. It is great exercise. It keeps the spine flexible. The joints, like the elbows and hips, also loosen up. :) 
  3. You can dress to the nines, wear your fave costume and fulfill your fantasies! Who wouldn't want to be a goddess even for a day? (It is like cosplay, but on a sexy belly dance level.)
  4. You become more graceful and confident. Why? Maybe because you get to realize you can do these mind-blowing moves that require great control of the body! (The confidence of belly dancers is amazing.)
  5. You can play up your ample hips and bosom. :) Who said curves are out? (Actually, authentic Belly Dancers are a bit chubby in the hip and bosom areas.)
  6. You can learn to balance a sword on your head, play the finger cymbals, dance with a sheer veil -- the possibilities are endless!!!
  7. Too often, we work out the limbs and neglect the torso during our workouts. Belly dance will surely tone your stomach muscles. (I guess this is probably the number 1 reason why it is gaining popularity, especially in gyms.)

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July 14, 2009

The Little Mermaids of Manila Ocean Park

Little Mermaids at Manila Ocean Park-26

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Little Mermaid Show at Manila Ocean Park. I'm now curious to know who these mermaids are. They made performing underwater with oxygen look easy. They were always smiling throughout the show -- and they sure can last long underwater. The staff said that they are part of the RP swimming team... (Can anybody confirm this?)

The show starts with the individual performance of each of the mermaids and ends with some synchronized swimming. It is free for Oceanarium visitors and for every P150 receipt of food or non-food items bought at any Manila Ocean Park Store.

Here is a photo essay of the Little Mermaid show experience...

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