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4 posts categorized "[Travel] PUERTO GALERA: Malasimbo Festival"

March 08, 2012

Puerto Galera's White Beach Guide 2012: How to Get There?

How to Get There?

Puerto Galera -26-1.jpg
Puerto Galera's White Beach is just 3 hours away from Manila. It is the closest to the city and one of the nicer beach party places from Manila because most of the great beaches in Batangas are privately owned.

One of my apprehensions about going to Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival was I didn't know how to get to the Batangas Port, which boat to take and how much budget we needed to get to White Beach.

Here's a recommendation on how to get to White Beach...

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Puerto Galera's White Beach Guide 2012: Where to Stay and What to Eat?

Where to Stay?

Puerto Galera -35-1.jpg
If you want to stay along White Beach, we would recommend Mindorinne Oriental Beach Resort, owned and operated by the Del Mundo family. This beachfront establishment is located in the middle of White Beach, and it is at the center of the night activities because of its Hiyas Bar.

This is where we stayed when we attended the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival.

One of the advantages of staying in a family-operated resort is that the family is hands-on (and they usually have a good network of local connections around the area). One of the issues with family-operated resorts, though, is the consistency of service.

Make sure to coordinate properly with Brian Del Mundo (+63 917 857-8425) who runs the resort.

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Puerto Galera's White Beach Guide 2012: What Happened?

What Happened?

Puerto Galera -75.jpg
I must admit, I gave up on Puerto Galera a long time ago because of its over-commercialization. For some time, it was even branded as "gaylera".

Also, a lot of people were scared to go because of the lack of safety standards and the practice of overloading boats, which led to the 2009 tragedy of Mon Eugenio's family.

Only the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival compelled me to return and revisit White Beach.

A lot of things have changed.

It's quite evident that the people there learned and accepted the consequences of their past mistakes.

Are we seeing the comeback of Puerto Galera's White Beach?

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