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April 06, 2008

Anawangin's Mystical Beach

flipping for the beachMy Unofficial Entry to Havaianas "Flipping For the Beach" Contest :)

Anawangin Beach-17
Can you keep a beach secret? I finally discovered the mystical beach called Anawangin in Zambales. Its name, Anawangin, literally means full of carabaos (nuang is carabao in Ilokano). This beach is very popular in the mountaineering community. It is a very special beach and most people who have been there wants to keep it as a secret. With the imminent opening of the Subic – Clark – Tarlac expressway, the 5-hour long road trip to Barangay Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales (which protected Anawangin from Manila beach goers) will now be cut down to less than 3 hours.

Anawangin Beach-7
Imagine this place...Pine trees grow and thrive along the beach to provide shade and protection from the sunny heat. The explosion of Mt. Pinatubo covered the boulders and the entire beach cove with fine ash fall sands. At noon, the grey sand turns pristine white giving an illusion of Boracay-like beach sand. A portion of the beach is protected and maintained by Aeta descendants. There are no resorts available so you have to camp for the night if you want to stay overnight. Your food/ water: clothes ratio should be 2:1.

Anawangin Beach-12
The beach sands and waters are undoubtedly clean, which makes it deserving to be called a paradise.

Anawangin Beach-5

Just swim close to the shore at waist deep high. Bless the soul of the person who drowned in Anawangin last Good Friday an hour after the commemoration of Christ death. The most probable cause is the strong under current in Anawangin.

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