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November 21, 2005

One of the Best Consumer Product Companies in the World

pg-gillete day 1 poster

Miguel Paul Riano had a post on "A look into Procter & Gamble" and I would reserve my comments since some of the information in his post is already out dated. Just for instance, P&G now has 21 billion dollar brands with the addition of Gillette billion dollar brands with over $50+ Billion in Sales in 160 countries. It is one of the Top 10 Global Companies by Market Capitalization among which Gillette is #1, Exxon #2, Microsoft #3, with P&G alternates in #7-9 with J&J and Walmart on any given day. His sister's MBA paper is right on and we have significant advancement already on e-Commerce. I'll shut up now before I get into conflict with our blogging policies :)

October 31, 2005

Free & Easy Membership @ Makro Makati Finally :)

Makro Makati

Finally, wholesaler Makro Pilipinas opened their 14th store right at the heart of Makati last Oct. 25. If you have not heard the news, membership is now FREE and it is easy to become a member. and you might want to check out this makati branch while the opening promotion is on-going until Nov. 7. However, for the Makro virgins out there, I would like to give you a view on making your first visit to Makro a smooth and pleasant one.

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September 19, 2005

Shopwise Manila Now Open!! Not your usual supermarket :)

tion Finally, a supermarket with a refreshing design and totally alot better than the Rustan's supermarket located originally in Harrison Plaza Manila. Shopwise Manila (Harrison Plaza) did a supplier's launch last friday and the grand launch in ASAP yesterday (Sept. 18). Personally, I like the the new design of the health & beauty section branded as Essense of Wellness where Raymund's Isaac Photos were used. Also, the House of Care design for the household section is implemented where the products are arranged based on how you use it at home ( laundry, bathing, cooking, and general cleaning). BTW, both of these setup were designed by our company :)

Shopwise Manila-4 Shopwise Manila-31 Shopwise Manila-0 Shopwise Manila-15
The store was launched last friday in a 70's fashion and it was one of the fun supermarket launch that I attended. See shots of the owner of Shopwise, Cricket Tantoco (in green), Ralph (owner of Ralph's wines) and Tanya Lim (orange) from our company as well (see center Photo).

Shopwise Manila-30 Shopwise Manila-29 Shopwise Manila-6

If you are from the Manila area, check this out since we only have two options currently which is Robinson's manila and Cash n Carry. I'm not sure if the prices are competitive, but it would be tough matching Cash n Carry prizes. Hey, shopwise has a wise card anyway so hopefully the points for prizes would compensate for it.


September 08, 2005

my 2 seconds of fame

P&G and PLDT Partnership2 P&G and PLDT Partnership
Just want to share with you my 2s of fame published last last Sunday, Aug. 28 in Inquirer. No I'm not the one in the big picture but just the small guy wearing white shirt at the bottom picture. (click to enlarge)

June 03, 2005

Now I know why KAPUSO GMA channel 7 is no. 1!

Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

Last May 24, I had a chance to learn the success story of GMA7's rise to being no.1 in mega manila! I now fully appreciate and understand why GMA7 is beating ABS-CBN channel 2 how and for years to come. Here are some facts:

1). In February, GMA obtained its highest lead ever, over ABS-CBN by 6 points in total day ratings based on both AGB and Ac Nielsens rating.

2). 17 out of the top 20 programs are on GMA in mega manila house holds according to AC Nielsen which includes Full House, Extra Challenge, Mulawin, stairway to heaven, and 24 oras on the top 5 programs overall.

3). As of February, 14 new shows (out of 30 new programs promised) on ABS-CBN has been launched and all these shows registered lower scores than their GMA counterparts. (These include Home Boy vs. Dolphin Bay uncut, M.R.S. Vs. Sis, star dance vs. Bitoy's Funniest Videos; among others)

Here are some of the learnings from the GMA story:

1. Back to Basics, Focus on the Core. Fixing the fundamentals of organizational excellence is key which would include establishing Mission, Vision, core values, policies, rewards and recognition, training among others. Focusing on the integrity and credibility of the news and public affairs of GMA7 is on top of the priority list. Removing non-performing assets and allocating resources to things that would add value to the filipino viewers is a must.

2. The viewer is the boss! All programming decisions are based on what the viewers wants to see. Single minded focus to beat competition to win the hearts and mind of their viewers. Some of the actors and writers have to go on an immersion program to be in touch with the pulse of the masses.

3. Innovation is key to longterm success. You will be amazed at how the key innovation programs of channel7 have succeeded back to back from Mulawin to Darna to Enkantadia. Im now excited to see their next fantaserye, Sugo which is described as Pepsi commercial (red/ blue pepsi) meets crouching tiger hidden dragon --- kungfu Filipino style! Innovation is a product of the best minds across the GMA organization (management, talents, writers, GMA staff), and deeper gut feel understanding of the minds and hearts of the Filipino viewers.

I used to think that being a KAPAMILYA is cool but after the GMA visit, I'm now a KAPUSO! congratulations GMA7 and more power!

June 01, 2005

Shopwise House of Care --- Alabang Launch with Bitoy and Tolits !

Wear and careWare and care

Finally, all the hard work paved off and we are able to launch a new concept in retailing for the household products. Shopwise in partnership with P&G collaboratively launched the House of Care yesterday in Shopwise Alabang. It makes shopping for household products alot Easier and alot Faster!! With the nice shopping environment (the bears are really cute and reminds me of the care bears cartoon) , varied assortment (even important products like tide with a touch of downy), and easy to find products grouped under different rooms in your house ( kitchen, bathroom, general household, and Laundry). This is how shopping should be experience inside the supermarket!

paolo, michael v, antontolits with wikes and anton

I had fun taking pictures of the solution center and our showbiz guest bitoy and tolits. The launching event started at 4pm, one hour late as originally planned because Michael V needed to finish eat bulaga and pitch in for vic/joey who was absent for that day. Its great to see Michael V in person perform the J-O-Y song! He is just a natural comedian and I had a chance to talk with him during the cravings merienda. He was telling stories about how they would laugh and laugh during the shooting of the bear brand's "nakabawi ka na ba" commercial. It was shot by our agency, publicis as well and I'm hoping to see some outtakes soon :) Another amazing person is Tolits. He has a lot of fans and he is down to earth. He considers everybody as his tito/tita and he is just 7 years old. How could a child attract soo much attention?! His real name is BJ and we had a fun time chatting with him. It would be really good if there is a Tide music marketing by Tolits, don't you think?

Come and visit Shopwise Alabang to experience the House of Care!!

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