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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


12 posts categorized "[Food] Cuisine: MEXICAN Food in Manila"

August 03, 2011

Chihuahua Tex-Mex and Hot Sauce Battle :)

Chihuahua's Hot Sauce Bar!

I like my Mexican food hot and spicy, and that's exactly what Ines Cabarrus and Elian Habayeb offer. They have just created the perfect hangout with good Tex-Mex food (and Margarita to match!) :)

Since Ines and Elian wrote the coffee table book, Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Secrets, and created the annual MBKRS Awards, this place received a lot of attention -- and expectations were indeed high for the authors.

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Órale! Ole!


Ever since the man behind the once-popular Tequila Joe's opened Ristras, a Mexican Revival has swept Manila and has led to the opening of really good Mexican restaurants (Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex, and other Mexican variations) in the metro. The market has even come to accept buying really good burritos at the P250-P300 range.

One of Manila's recent favorites is the home-style Mexican place in the Fort Strip called Órale!, which is named after the Mexican expression for "OK!" or "Alright!" or the slang for "Hell yeah!" or "Right On!"

The husband and wife team of  Nikki and Lexandra Confiado did a great job of creating a street food-inspired taqueria from Mexico and Northern California. 

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September 23, 2010

MAYA Cebu: My Birthday in the Best Mexican Restaurant

 Maya Mexican Restaurant, Cebu-30
Last August 24, I crossed an age milestone. Technically, I am not "young" anymore. In most award giving events for the "youth", age 35 is the cutoff to qualify. So we celebrated my last year of being "young" in what I believe to be the Best Mexican Restaurant in the Philippines - Maya Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar.

The BEST of Cebu City Series:

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January 21, 2010

Taqueria Mia: Taqueria Chilanga's Reincarnation

Sasha asked me in the OAP Comments Section:
"hi anton. happy new year! im reading your blog on a regular basis. i really like your features. im just curious if you know the mexican restaurant "taqueria chilanga". it used to be in metropolitan avenue in makati (near shopwise) then it moved to greenbelt 3 and branched out in shangrila mall. i dont know where they are now but i really really love the food in that restaurant and im just wondering if they're still around. hope you can help me find them."

Sasha, I'm happy to say that I finally found them. :)

Estella Blanco, the Mexican housewife who was cooking for Taqueria Chilanga, has been living in the Philippines for about 15 years already. She partnered with Lance to launch Taqueria Mia in the Saturday Salcedo Market, where they use all of Estella's Mexican recipes.

They also have an "outpost" now in the Power Plant Cinema Snack Bar. They serve limited Mexican favorites on a to-go basis there. I prefer the Salcedo Market stall, which offers fresh and homemade Mexican favorites (ex. burritos, tacos, quesadillas, etc.) vs the Rockwell outlet, where the food tastes frozen.



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