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April 21, 2008

SCTex Run

SCTex 10k Fun Run-2

I ended my back-to-back travel last week with a 10k run along the soon-to-be-opened Subic - Clark - Tarlac Expressway (SCT-Ex). I'm one of the few runners who can claim to have run along the longest super highway in the Philippines! The SCTex is 93.77 km long with the Subic-Clark section measuring 50.5 km long and the Clark-Tarlac section at 43.27 km long. This is a major development backbone in the Central Luzon Area that connects Subic Freeport and Special Economic Zone, Clark Special Economic Zone, and the Central Techno Park in Tarlac. It cuts the travel time from Clark to Subic to only 30 minutes! Simply amazing! They say it will open end of April (28th tentatively).

I attended the awesome Colors Travel Photography Workshop by Master Photographer Wig Tysmans last April 11-14 weekend. Due to the storm, we were extended for two more days in Busuanga enjoying the El Rio Y Mar resort. Right after, I went to a scheduled 3-day road trip with my family and parents to 100 Islands and Bolinao, Pangasinan. We stayed overnight in Clark last Saturday night so that I can ran the 10k during the 94k SCTex Weekend.

I was dying to update the blog. My inquirer article on Awesome Family Destinations was published when I was in Palawan. I'm planning to do a detailed post on all the destinations I featured in that article within the week.

Rogin E Challenge Update
Despite the hectic back-to-back travel, I feel alive and not really exhausted. I was able to do a 10k run despite my tiring schedule. I've been drinking Rogin E with my Vitamin C supplements and I would like to think that Rogin E is making a difference. I'm going back to the gym this week and hopefully progress more towards my weight goals. I must admit I've been enjoying the food at El Rio Y Mar in Busuanga, Palawan.

anton signature

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

April 09, 2008

No More Excuses...

Capones Island-6
Rogin E Blogger Challenge Update:

I'm already tired of making excuses to myself on why I'm still far away from my 6-pack abs goal in 2008. My strategy is to do it the right way with a determined mindset, regular workout and eating the right kind of food. I already did it once in the 90s and I will do it again. No more excuses that I cannot exercise because of travel. No more excuses that I need to taste a little bit of that tempting dessert. No more excuses that I have to try this restaurant to blog about it (my favorite excuse). No more excuses of eating chocolates.

I finally got back to the gym last week with Jopet to help me out with my workout. I went to the gym 3x last week and I do hope to keep the momentum up this April! I can start to feel the impact of Rogin E because it is giving me the energy to survive my hectic schedule nowadays. I'm excited to go back to the gym and eat the right stuff. I had a minor setback with eating the dessert tarts plate in My Mother's Garden (Garden Room) last Monday night. So now, I will eat clean from today onwards.

If I’m personally successful in meeting my goals, I will thank Rogin-E forever for it... To Carlos Celdran, keep up the great progress on your weight goal!

I'm taking personal accountability... No More excuses!

March 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Happy Feet!

The Happy Feet Family-2
Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Happy Feet! I am a proud member of this awesome social running club. I always look forward to races just to meet this young, fun and passionate runners. I got inspiration from the group because most of them are experts in their own right. Anybody can join specially the running newbies who want to have company during the races. Just join the impromptu_runners@yahoogroups.com.

March 10, 2008

Rogin E Blogger's Physique Challenge

This is my second attempt to lose weight (the first one was during the marathon last year.) Thanks to Rogin E for putting up this physique/ weight loss challenge for 3 fat bloggers (hehe) which includes Carlos Celdran and Paul Santos. I'm also starting to experiment with Vblogging and the video above is my first attempt . Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Rogin E and Gold's Gym contest

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February 02, 2008

70 KM Banaue - Sagada Trail Run to support Kythe's children with cancer.

Ultra Marathon Posters

Our friends from the Pinoy Ultra Runners are running once again for their life to support Kythe. This time, they will do a 70km trail run from Banaue to Sagada on February 9. Please support them by pledging P500 for every kilometer run (minimum of 5 kms.). All proceeds will go to Kythe.

Last year, Ben of Photographer on the Run, Jaymie- The Bullrunner and Our Awesome Planet (all proud members of Happy Feet) joined the Pinoy Ultra runners to raise funds for Kythe. The ultra runners were running the Philippines first 100km ultra marathon at the same time with the Manila Eliminations of the Milo Marathon. Ben, Jaymie and I were running a 42km Milo Marathon for a cause. It was a memorable first marathon for me and thanks for all the support!

I am a Marathoner and I live to Tell about it

Together the Marathon-For-A-Cause raised a total of P60,000 pesos to support Kythe. Ben and I turned over the money last September 22 (a mOrninG with Kythe). Thanks to all those who supported us! The money that we raised was only good for a week that supported the expenses of the cancer kids patients. Let me tell you about the sad reality of these kids and why we should continue to support Kythe in their endeavors.


Kythe is a volunteer organization that promotes awareness and supports children with cancer. Their vision is to improve the Quality of Life for pediatric patients by uplifting their spirits and strengthening HOPE in these patients and their families. Kudos to the Ateneans for starting up Kythe!

We went to AFP V Luna Hospital at East Avenue Quezon City to meet the children that Kythe supports. We interviewed a few parents and learned that anyone's child could have Leukemia. There is no logical reason why it develops and the chances of survival is 1 is to 10. I immediately thought about Aidan and Joshua. How lucky we are that they are healthy boys. Leukemia is a very tough cancer to beat. The parents will bring their kids to the AFP V Luna children's hospital because they would rely on volunteer donation support to fund the chemotheraphy treatments.


Ben and I with Tita Aida and Ninin of Kythe during the turnover of the P60,000 donation to Kythe. (see: a mOrninG with Kythe)

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