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August 17, 2007

Special Moments @ SM . MOA

Official Entry to the SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest

SM Supermarket - 7

I hate supermarkets. I drag my feet every time my wife would suggest to go to one. I don't like to go from one aisle to another in search for diapers or milk. Most of the supermarkets in Manila are not designed for you to hang around. The only time I would go to one would be to do a store check of our products as part of work. I also do shelf management for supermarkets so every time I go to a supermarket, it reminds me of that work. Maybe, I hate supermarkets because I don't like following a certain routine or I don't cook at all (surprisingly). My wife can attest to the number of arguments and negotiations just to convince me to shop in a supermarket on a weekly basis.

There is only one supermarket that I love going to. I love going to SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia which I think is the best supermarket in Manila!

Top 8 Things Why We Love SM Hypermarket in MOA

1. SM Hypermarket in MOA, is Aidan's playground. You should hear Aidan say "Papa, go SM" with a paawa effect facial expression. We love it because it is spacious, and there is enough carts with this little Tykes car. We never had a problem getting one of these cars even on a peak hour like Sunday evening. We would imagine that this is the MOA race circuit for Aidan and racing through the food section, to the non food, all the way to the apparel and appliance section. Going to SM is a special bonding moment for the entire family.

2. Best Value for Pampers. We know that the prices in SM are a little bit higher than Cash and Carry, Puregold, Shopwise or Robinson's which are SM's competitors in the Mall of Asia catchment area. We live in the area and my wife would alternate between Cash and Carry or Puregold to get the best deals. But buying the Pamper's XL 34's with free 6 pads is more than enough motivation to go to SM Hypermarket. We know that this is the best place to buy Pampers and Mr. Sy would ensure that it stays that way.

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May 03, 2007

Manila Bay Sunset -- One of the Best Sunset in the World

Manila Bay Sunset - 1

Summertime is the best time to enjoy Manila Bay's Sunset. It was awesome to see the golden sun in its full glory while descending down the Manila Bay horizon. How I wish that I can take off from work as early as 5pm to go back home, pick up Aidan and just watch Manila Bay's sunset. I want him to grow up and appreciate the beauty of the Manila Bay Sunset that admittedly, we sometimes take for granted.

My best spot in watching the sunset is in the Esplanade area near Mall of Asia. This is where you can still see the sunset and the bay without any foreground distraction. Particularly, my favorite spot is beside the Esplanade1 area where it is still not that crowded during sunset and where I took the shot above.

I've been to UK, US, Egypt, Dubai, Japan, Australia and nearby Asian countries but I have never seen a sunset as beautiful as Manila Bay's Sunset. Truly, it is one of the Best Sunset in the Whole Wide World!

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October 09, 2006

Mall of Asia Index

Tokyo Cafe in Manila?

After Milenyo.08

We love Mall of Asia. You need to get use to it before really appreciating the genius of its design. We live near the area so we like to hang out here during the weekdays. Usually, Weekends are a no-no for us, but the Typhoon Milenyo weekend was an exception. With most establishments in the Makati area still having no power, Mall of Asia is back to business as usual. This is the kind of reliability that you need from a mall specially during times of crisis :) Aside from this, we love MOA because of its family oriented design where you can find play/ game houses for the kids in every corner and very good shopping places for my wife. This is the first time when we fell in love with a mall.

However, I felt I had exhausted all the new cool resto places in MOA when we suddenly can't figure out where to eat. We haven't tried Bed Scenes, but the food i hear is not that good (please let me know if you hear otherwise). There are the celebrity-owned restos facing the bay like the Yaku Japanese resto owned by jason webb and family and Lamesa Grill with Sen. Kiko Pangilinan as one of the owners I heard. But I cannot seem to drag my feet into those restos-- can't seem to find a reason to do so. Pink Peppers-- we are not sure too. We don't usually repeat any restaurants when it is just me, my wife and Aidan.

Out of nowhere, we came across Tokyo Cafe with its cool white interiors and seductive menu line up. It reminded me of Teriyaki Boy kind of food but without the Chicken grill in the menu. We saw the actor, Michael de mesa and family eating there so we decided to check it out too. I'm sure there is no Tokyo cafe in Tokyo and this would be a Manila version of what a Tokyo cafe would look and taste like. I'm not sure who the owner is and I was not able to get more info about its existence and ownership. Let us know if you know the story of tokyo cafe.

The Verdict? It is very good as expected for a fast food type of resto. We don't mind going back here to check out the Pizza and Pasta items.

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August 07, 2006

Sebastian's Ice Cream @ Shepherd's Staff, Mall of Asia

Sebastian Ice Cream 11

Ian Carandang's Sebastian Ice Cream was heralded by Lori as the successor of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in the Philippines. This has been on my blogging list for a few months now and I've got a few online friends (Spanx and Anna Ria) who rave about this ice cream. I've always wanted to visit Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio in Alabang Town Center but time was not on my side. I'm glad that they opened a distribution point in Shepherd's Staff in Mall of Asia. Actually, only people in the know would stop by this Christian and inspirational bookstore to eat Sebastian ice cream which was characterized by Lori in her post "Ian the Ice Cream Man" as enthralling complexity, gutsy tastes, and unusual combinations.

The Verdict: One can easily get addicted to this ice cream and I won't look at any other ice cream when I'm in Mall of Asia. We tasted their Cookie Dough best seller and Mango Sansrival which have very generous serving of tasty chunks of its finest ingredient. It taste more like a cookie dough with ice cream rather than an ice cream with cookie dough ingredients. Same is true for the Mango Sansrival which my wife absolutely love. She even bought a slice of sansrival after a day because she was once again craving for that cake! How she adore eating that sooo sinful cake. Only thing is each scope costs P68 which is expensive for a scoop of ice cream even more higher than Better than Ice cream. Although one scoop was really enough for us to satisfy our craving for this because of the fullness of flavor of the ice cream.

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