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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet


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August 23, 2008

Mom's a Stewardess Viral Book


Reading Mom's a Stewardess feels like reading the woman version of Bo Sanchez.

I travelled to Bohol to do a research on what an Ultimate Tour of Bohol would be. I only planned to spend two (2) days to explore the Chocolate Hills tourist route and Panglao Island. Unfortunately due to airplane flight constraints, I had to extend my stay for another day. I knew that I don't have anything else to do on the third day except wait for the boarding time for my flight back to Manila.

I don't know why I settled for this kind of predicament but I felt that I had to do it. I realized later on that it is God's way of pausing my busy life. In that moment of peaceful existence waiting for my 5pm flight back to Manila, I finished reading Angel Viloria's book : My Mom's a Stewardess.

How I wish that I could write a book called "My Dad is a Steward". I'm still in my "personal searching" stage. In a way, I find myself following Angel's life path...

I decided to quit my CIO job for one of the best multinational company in the Philippines after close to 13 years of loyal employment. It was my first job so it was difficult leave. I felt like a traitor leaving all my stressed friends behind in the front line of the battle for improving consumer's lives.

Angel left her professional career in the Philippine (audit) Rating Services Corporation for 14 years. Like her, I found peace in the company of my family, friends, and OAP friends after resigning. I became more thankful and in constant search for a meaning in life.

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Kerygma Conference 2008 - Awaken the Miracle in You

Kerygma Conference 2007-4 Kerygma Conference 2007-4-2
" Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is the Lord.
He is like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches out its roots to the stream:
It fears not the heat when it comes, its leaves stay green;
In the year of drought it shows no distress, but still bears fruit."
(Jeremiah 17: 7-8)

I attended the Kerygma Conference 2007 with Aidan last November entitled " You have the Power! Nourished. Empowered. Unleashed. " I was so blessed that it led me to my Independence Day decision and to pursue my dreams. I don't want you to miss the 2008 Kerygma Conference entitled "Awaken the Miracle in You!"

Kerygma Conference 2007-2
Be inspired and be blessed in the biggest, most powerful catholic learning event of the year!

2008 Conference Details

Date: November 29-30, 2008
November 29 - 8:30am to 5:30pm
November 30 - 8:30am to 12:00 noon
(see detailed program)

Venue: Philsport Stadium (formerly ULTRA)

Kerygma Conference 2007-3-2
Last year, I love the inspiring and funny talk of Arun Gogna on " You're more gifted than you can ever imagine" and Bo Sanchez' talk on "Don't Burn-out, Burn-Up!".

As a gratitude to all my family's blessings on my birthday weekend, I would like to share five (5) copies of the Kerygma Conference audio recordings for FREE. I can guarantee that these recordings would bless your life. I'll give it to the first 5 people who would like it and comment on this post. I will ship it for FREE thanks to OAP delivery sponsor 2GO Express.

May God Bless You and Your Family! Live an Awesome Life,

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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August 09, 2008

GK Taguig 2.0! - The Best for the Least

On 8-8-08, instead of watching the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, I witnessed the launching of the new GK Designer Village (GK 2.0) by Tony Meloto and the grand vision for Taguig 2.0 by Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga!

All the best architects in Manila will be helping to design the next level of GK community. The best architects for the least of our brothers (and for the least fees). The new GK community looks like the HDB (Housing & Development Board) Condos of Singapore. It would be low cost condominiums designed and supported by the countries top architects: Bobby Manosa, Bong Recio, Jun Palafox, Edith Oliveros, Budji Layug and the top architects of the United Architects of the Philippines! The first GK Designer Village site will be created in Taguig along C5. No doubt, GK is building a First World Philippines and raising a First Class Filipino.

"To build a nation is to have direct impact on the lives of the poor and to influence those who have the power and the means to help them. It can start with charity but it must be a work of social justice to even the playing field and to recognize that all Filipinos are equal in worth and dignity. It begins with the heart where love resides, but it must be sustained with excellence and stewardship. We have to raise Filipinos to be first-class citizens in the Philippines so none of our people will feel second-class anywhere in the world." - Tony Meloto

Aside from being a Tony Meloto fan, I'm now a fan of Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga. He is transforming Taguig to be world class city by leveraging on technology to solve social issues in our country today. To bridge the gap between the public school education and private schools, he is implementing a distance learning program in the public schools. It would be equipped with Video Conferencing facilities to get the best teachers to educate the students of Taguig.

He also envisions Taguig to be the first 100% WIMAX city in the country! Yahoo! He is doing it by creating his own telecommunications company in Taguig. In my previous job, I worked with Smart and Globe to influence them to give unlimited broadband access for free or minimal cost. But the Telco giants are controlling unlimited broadband access for fear that it might have a huge impact on their voice business. I admire Mayor Tiñga's vision and if Globe/ Smart won't do it, he will build his own telecommunication system. Clap! Clap!

Did you know that Taguig will be equipped with 194 surveillance cameras by the end of 2008 and 400 cameras by end of 2009? They use Israeli technology for their cameras such that they could monitor the entire city virtually and they can even zoom in on plate number as needed. This would significantly reduce the crime rate in Taguig.

Lastly, he is planning to build a new modern airport in Taguig with better runway facilities, and to automate 100% of all the government transactions. Wow! All I can say is, let me know how I can help you, Mayor Tiñga, and I can offer my services and expertise to the city of Taguig.

I'm glad that we made a great decision to move from Manila to Taguig City. I'm voting Tony Meloto for President in 2010!

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

September 21, 2007

Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin-8.jpg

Is this the face of Jesus Christ?

I was hoping that the exhibit would have a profound effect on us. Unfortunately, it did not and I'll tell you why.

The exhibit proves that the cloth is authentic and a documentation of a man who was scourged, speared, crowned with thorns, and crucified during the time of Jesus Christ, as depicted in the bible. But there is no conclusive evidence that suggest how the full front and back image could occur on the Shroud without any distortion and by only residing in the outermost surface of the weave. This is the core of the mystery, how could this even be possible to have a silent account of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Shroud of the Turin. It was amazing to see how the cloth survived through centuries and how it nearly escape destruction with some burn marks to prove it.

So when reason ends, faith begins. The Risen Christ theory suggest that the image was formed by the radiation created during the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that the shroud is a miracle art where it depicts the brutal crucifixion but also the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. How can a piece of cloth be this powerful?

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July 10, 2007

Now Is The Time Of Mercy

Stanley Villavicencio - 3
"Now is the time of Mercy.
Now is the time for us to reconcile with the Lord.
Now is the time for us to reconcile with our family.
Now is the time for us to reconcile with everybody."

"Not Tomorrow."

"Because Tomorrow never comes.
When Tomorrow comes that is today.
So why wait for Tomorrow.
You have to be ready now."

(Loving Message of Jesus Christ through Stanley Villavicencio)

Stanley Villavicencio - 4

Bro. Stanley is giving testimonies of his encounter with Jesus Christ since 1993. His testimonies are sanctioned by the Catholic Church and you need to hear him speak to really be touched by the message of love of the Lord. What really caught my attention and curiosity is that in one of his encounters with Jesus, he said that Jesus told him that he will see His Second Coming in his lifetime. Could it be a coincidence that New York Times just published an article about the The Final Days and talks about the mayan prophecy of December 21, 2012 as the end of the Earth cycle:

“We’re coming to an end time beyond anything that anybody has ever imagined,” Rod said with a trembling urgency. “The scientists right now, they’re not even studying the real causes. The Kyoto treaty and CO2 have nothing to do with anything.”

“Coast to Coast AM” is an overnight radio show devoted to what its weekday host, George Noory, calls “the unusual mysteries of the world and the universe.” Broadcast out of Sherman Oaks, Calif., and carried nationwide on more than 500 stations as well as the XM Radio satellite network, “Coast to Coast AM” is by far the highest-rated radio program in the country once the lights go out. The guest in the wee hours that February morning was Lawrence E. Joseph, the author of “Apocalypse 2012” — billed as “a scientific investigation into civilization’s end” — and he came on the air to tell the story of how the ancient Maya looked into the stars and predicted catastrophic changes to the earth, all pegged to the end date of an historical cycle on one of their calendars, Dec. 21, 2012.

“My motto tonight,” Noory intoned at the beginning of the program, “is be prepared, not scared.” What followed was a graphic recitation of disaster scenarios for 2012, including hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions caused by solar storms, cracks forming in the earth’s magnetic field and mass extinctions brought on by nuclear winter. The only hopeful note of the night was struck when an unnamed caller asked Joseph what he thought about recent Virgin Mary apparitions in Bosnia.
(Source: The Final Days by New York Times)

This coming Sunday at 8pm in DZMM 630kHz, Inner Mind on Radio Jaime Lichauco continues to discuss this Mayan Prophecy (if you are interested). Going back to Stanley, the Lord said that His Second Coming will be preceded by a period of Great Mercy where everyone will be given a chance to receive His Mercy for those who embraced it. Jesus Mercy is Free and anyone can receive it as long as you are alive. It is clear and simple. When you are dead, Justice takes over and you will pay for your sins. You have to read all the related posts below so that you can fully understand where I'm coming from.

Stanley said that Salvation is for everyone despite whatever religion you are coming from. He compared the Roman Catholic Church as like an express lane in the supermarket where it is a shorter distance to heaven. The main reason for this is that we believe in Plenary Indulgence where the punishment for all forgiven sins are erased forever. This only happens during the feast day of the divine mercy which is the Sunday after Easter Sunday. All you need to do is repent and confess your sins, and receive the Holy Communion to avail of the Plenary Indulgence on the feast day of the Divine Mercy. (see Falling In Love with His Divine Mercy by Suzette Kho).

Stanley Villavicencio - 1

Bro. Stanley gave a talk about his near death destimony in his Cebu accent but he was able to clearly deliver the message of love of Jesus Christ. This is Bro. Stanley's last talk in Manila and he will be coming back in November. For those who missed Bro. Stanley's Testimony, you can read his story here: Stanley Villavicencio's Near Death Testimony. I also took some notes from the Q&A so that I can share with you some practical tips you can immediately apply in your daily life.

  • You cannot appreciate my mercy until you experience the misery of sin.
  • Jesus looks for people who ask forgiveness, repent their sin, and live a new and better life.
  • He who saves a soul saves his own.
  • Pray as if it was your last prayer.
  • Salvation is a free gift from God. Religion will only guide us to salvation.
  • Plenary Indulgence is total erasure of punishment of all forgiven sins. This happens on the feast of the divine mercy which is the Sunday after Easter Sunday.
  • We can pray for ourselves, other people, and for souls who are in purgatory.
  • No prayer is wasted.
  • Purgatory is a cleansing area which is part of heaven.
  • When we offer a thanks giving mass, offer it to 1 to 2 persons specifically (name).
  • Mercy is only available when we are alive.
  • You cannot ask for forgiveness for sins not committed.
  • Miracles happen because of our Christian Faith

Stanley Villavicencio - 2

After the talk, there was a Veneration of the Divine Mercy and Mama Mary's Lady of Guadalupe image where everyone will have a chance to pray in honor of the Divine Mercy. There have been stories of Jesus coming out of the photograph or Mama Mary is opening up her beautiful blue eyes. In the end, in a private interview with Bro. Stanley, I ask him what is the Message of Jesus Christ to all of us. He said these beautiful message of love:

"Now is the time of Mercy.
Now is the time for us to reconcile with the Lord.
Now is the time for us to reconcile with our family.
Now is the time for us to reconcile with everybody."

"Not Tomorrow."

"Because Tomorrow never comes.
When Tomorrow comes that is today.
So why wait for Tomorrow.
You have to be ready now."

Amen. Do you believe?

As Jesus said, He who saves one soul saves his own. I actually risk sounding like a chain letter blog post where I end this message with please forward this message to all your friends and family so that they can be saved. It is up to you. I'm here to spread this message of Love that touched my heart so that somehow, in my own little way, you can be touched as well.

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