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July 20, 2016

ILOILO FOOD: 8 Must Try Local Dishes on Your Next Iloilo Food Trip! (2016)

By Abigail Javellana


Discover the City of Love--beyond it's famed Dinagyang Festival, century-old churches, majestic mansions, and unspoiled countryside--through its exotic delicacies.

Iloilo is hometown to the grandmother of Abi of Team Our Awesome Planet. So expect a local's perspective as her friends and relatives tour her around the town.

Here are the top 8 dishes you should try to complete your Iloilo culinary experience...


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June 29, 2016

FLAME Restaurant: A Burning Passion for Modern European Food with an Asian Twist! @DiscoveryPrimea

(As featured in 10 Most Awesome New Homegrown Restaurants That Matter in Manila 2016!)


FLAME Restaurant is a fine-casual, modern Eurasian concept by award-winning Chef turned General Manager of Discovery Primea, David Pardo de Ayala, and Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco--the winning duo behind Tapenade.

The restaurant gets its fiery moniker from the team’s burning passion for creating unforgettable experiences through cuisine. At FLAME, celebrated European food concepts are tweaked and given an Asian flare. 

Here’s what to expect at FLAME Restaurant…

6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 Philippines
Operating Hours (Dinner Only): 
Mondays to Saturdays--6PM to 10PM
Website: www.discoveryprimea.com
E-mail: dp.rsvn@discovery.com.ph
Telephone: +63 955 8888 | +63 2 988 2988
Facebook: Discovery Primea Makati
Instagram: @discoveryprimea
Twitter: @discoveryprimea 

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June 21, 2016

PAD THAI: How this 100-year-old Recipe from Tha Yang Ruined the Pad Thai Experience Anywhere Else

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Pad Thai Tha Yang-12.jpg

As a foodie traveler, you always look forward to visiting regions where you can taste authentic local fare. It's always a treat understanding the culture of a place through its food and dining destinations, like pintxos from the different bars in San Sebastian, sashimi at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, or ...


...  a 100-year old Pad Thai recipe in Tha Yang district, Petchaburi province in Thailand.   Watch: BEST PAD THAI in Tha Yang, Thailand! in 360

Here's my experience eating authentic Pad Thai at Tha Yang... 

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June 17, 2016

RODRIGO'S ROAST: Adobo Dish Recipe Fit for a President by the Adobo Queen!

The simplicity of Adobo makes it so versatile and adds room for creativity in preparation. TV Personality and self-proclaimed Adobo Queen, Nancy Reyes-Lumen, demonstrates Rodrigo’s Roast—just in time for our president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte.



Rodrigo’s Roast is made of rolled pork belly braised Adobo style and seared with brown sugar—eggs are added for that extra protein kick.

As a recipe by renowned cook, Enriqueta David-Perez, this dish was inspired by her father who used to make an Adobo-like roast in the Monastery.

(Note: Fatty pork shoulder was used in this recipe. Fat adds flavor and prevents the meat from drying out. )

Here’s how to make it yourself… 

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June 16, 2016

CAFÉ BY THE RUINS DUA: Best Breakfast in Baguio 2016!


CAFÉ BY THE RUINS DUA on Upper Session Road is the newest extension of the original establishment in front of the Baguio City Hall. While it still keeps many of the old favorites from the first branch, Dua’s menu is more dynamic and seasonal.

The restaurant’s reputation for great breakfasts is unintentional, says Feliz Perez, 2nd generation owner of Café by the Ruins Dua. She insists, however, their early operation hours and hearty servings may have contributed to this.

Let's look at how to “Ruin” your breakfast…


Upper Session Road, Baguio City
Operation hours: Daily - 7AM to 9PM
Email: cafebytheruinsdua@gmail.com
Telephone: +63 74 442 4010
Facebook: Cafe by the Ruins
Instagram: @cafebytheruins


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