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August 15, 2013

MODERN SICHUAN: A Taste of Sichuan Cuisine in BGC!

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Modern Sichuan-13.jpg

Manila is crazy about spicy food these days, and it's just the right time to introduce MODERN SICHUAN, the first modern Sichuan-themed restaurant in Manila.  Sichuan is my favorite among all the Chinese cuisines because of its unique hotness and distinctive flavors.

Sichuan usually refers to the cuisines from Chengdu, Chongqing, Leshan, Neijang, and Zigong in China. Sichuan uses three peppers: red chili peppers, black peppercorns, and hua jian (Sichuan Peppers) vs. Hunan cuisine which just uses chili. Hua jian peppers provide the malasensation-anaesthetic effect experienced when the peppercorn flavor makes contact with the saliva feeling your tongue numb to the chili.

Modern Sichuan also carries the Modern China menu for those who don't like spicy food. The menu is overwhelming and offers unique dishes that you can't find in any Chinese restaurant. 

Here are the dishes that we love and recommend in Modern Sichuan:

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June 27, 2013

GLORIA MARIS Greenhills: Modern Cantonese Fine Dining at Our All-Time Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Manila!

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Father's Day at Gloria Maris-36.jpg

GLORIA MARIS Restaurant, specifically the one in Greenhills, is our all-time favorite go-to place for authentic Cantonese food in Manila since 1995. My wife's Chinese family likes holding their special celebrations here, and I love the yummy consistency of their food every single time.

Last year, Gloria Maris moved to a new location with an impressive fine dining ambiance and an introduction of modern Cantonese cuisine to take the dining experience to a whole different level.

Here's our modern fine dining experience at Gloria Maris Greenhills:

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February 06, 2013

MABUHAY PALACE: Our Favorite Cantonese Fine Dining and Chinese New Year @ Manila Hotel

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Mabuhay Palace 2nd Time-30.jpg
MABUHAY PALACE is the Chinese fine-dining restaurant of Manila Hotel that serves authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine, with an elegant modern Chinese ambiance.

It's one of the yummiest Chinese food restos in Manila with a well-curated menu, and innovative food that are usually off the menu list. It's the best choice for celebrating Chinese special occasions (Chinese New Year, Moon Cake Festival, Birthdays, Engagement parties) for the discriminating Chinese foodie families.

Here are our favorites and some tips to have an awesome dining experience at Mabuhay Palace:

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March 13, 2012

UNO Seafood Wharf Palace Birthday Lauriat

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Uno Seafood Wharf Palace-35.jpg
We just love Chinese food. :) One of the advantages of marrying into a Chinese family is getting to always enjoy a Chinese lauriat celebration every time there is a birthday or special event.

We celebrated Ahiya Pierre's 41st birthday in one of the best Chinese seafood restaurants along Escolta -- Uno Seafood Wharf Palace. I was happy to learn that it is owned by the same people behind our favorite comfort Chinese restaurant, Lutong Macao, along Jupiter St.

The Lauriat Set Menu starts from P4,800 to P9,900 with 9 to 11 courses (including dessert). But we preferred to order the dishes on an ala carte basis, served lauriat-style.

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January 23, 2012

To P.F. Chang's or Not to P.F. Chang's in Manila?

Read FirstP.F. Chang's in ManilaShortlink: oap.ph/PFChangsManila

P.F. Chang's in Manila!-3.jpg

P.F. Chang's, the popular American Chinese Restaurant of Philip Fleming and Philip Chiang, finally opened its first branch in Asia. With 200 restaurants across the US, and branches in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Kuwait and UAE, it also now calls Alabang home.

When you eat Chinese food in the US, your friends would probably take you to either P.F. Chang's or Panda Express. (Check out my P.F. Chang's experience in California.)

Its appearance in Manila caused quite a stir. A lot of people question whether or not an American Chinese restaurant concept will work here. 

We decided to celebrate Aidan's 7th birthday there when P.F. Chang's in Alabang opened its doors to the public recently. Here is a rundown of our P.F. Chang's experience... 

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July 18, 2011

Hong Kong Roast: A Bagtikan Hole-in-the-Wall Favorite

Hong Kong Roast-4.jpg

When I first visited Hong Kong Roast, I had this nagging feeling that the food seemed familiar...

Later on, we found out that this HK-canteen-type resto along Bagtikan St. in Makati was actually the morphed version of Fortune Empire, an Ultimate Taste Test 5.0. winner and one of the pioneers who helped us launch Mercato Centrale last November.

Some of their dishes are awesome (like our favorite roast pork), but some are not recommended. Read on to find out what to order in Hong Kong Roast (HKR).

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May 17, 2011

Why Peking Garden serves the BEST Peking Duck in Manila?

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Peking Garden-9

Peking Garden undoubtedly serves the BEST Peking Duck in Manila. The crispiness of the skin and the way the duck is served are details that even Chinese restaurants in 5-star hotels cannot match. It is not a franchise but it is owned by the Maxim's Group of Chinese Restaurants based in Hongkong (they also own the Starbucks franchise in HK).

Eating a Peking Duck is usually reserved for special occasions. Here is a suggestion on how best to enjoy the Peking Duck at Peking Garden. :)

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March 17, 2011

IMC (International Master Chef) Kavino Lau

International Master Chef Kavino Lau-27
Chef Lau showing the photo where he won a gold medal in the International Master Chef competition

Rumor has it that an International Master Chef (IMC) working for the Chinese restaurant in Heritage Hotel started his own Chinese resto in Jupiter Place (replacing Malacca). It even got the approval of foodies with discriminating taste, who love Chinese cuisine.

We satisfied our curiosity last night. Now I understand why the foodies are raving about it...

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