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January 25, 2012

Butanding Watching, Is it Really More FUN in Oslob?

Read this First: Daily Mail UKJaws my friend! The touching relationship between a fisherman and a very sociable whale SHARK  | Shortlink of Article: http://oap.ph/OslobButandings

Oslob Butandings by Vic-18.jpg

I can't believe we actually had a super close encounter with whale sharks (locally known as butanding) in Oslob in the South Eastern Coast of Cebu (3 hours away from the city)!

Our experience here's better than in Donsol. In Oslob, the whale sharks congregate in one area near the beach where the fishermen feed them krill (small saltwater shrimps) every morning.

Also, they seem to act like pets of the fishermen and are now getting used to the presence of humans watching them everyday.

Unlike Donsol, there's a higher chance you'll see the giant creatures up close without the need to chase them.

Is Whale Watching in Oslob really more fun for the fishermen, the tourists, the whale sharks and Mother Earth?

Read on about our Whale Shark Encounter, and what we think of the issues surrounding the Butandings in Oslob... 

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January 19, 2012

The BEST of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

Best of Bluewater Maribago-23.jpg
During our Sinulog Experience in Cebu, we stayed at the Bluewater Resort in Maribago. 

We enjoyed the food, the Benji-designed rooms, and the island beach resort feel away from the city.

Here are our favorites...

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January 18, 2012

Sinulog Fluvial Breakfast!

Shortlink: http://oap.ph/SinulogFluvialBreakfast

BEST of Sinulog Fluvial-100.jpg

Sinulog in Cebu is the biggest festival in the Philippines, celebrating the feast of the Child Jesus, Santo Niño de Cebú, with a dance ritual to the beat of the drums. Held every third Sunday of January, it is the largest and most attended fiesta in the country with an all-day-long parade and party.

You can read about my 2006 Sinulog experience here:

One day before the Santo Niño procession, the image of the Child Jesus visits his Mother in Lapu Lapu City via the sea. Early in the morning of Saturday, the Santo Niño returns to Cebu City, reenacting the coming of the Spaniards through a Fluvial Parade on Cebu's Pahina River. 

This is one of my best Sinulog experiences ever, not only because of the parade, but also because of the great fluvial breakfast I got to taste there!

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March 15, 2009

Bellini: The After-Dinner Hangout in Cebu


After dinner in Abaca, we were debating on where to hang out in Cebu on a Friday night. Most of the cafes closed early and we wanted to lounge in a place that is uniquely Cebuano with a good line-up of desserts. We found our answer in Bellini!

Bellini is a chill-out and dessert bar with live acoustic music. It is located in Lahug, overlooking Nivel Hills. It has the same owner as Anzani New Mediterranean restaurant. It is the latest high-end, fine dining establishment in Cebu.

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Abaca Restaurant, Cebu

Abaca Resort-10

Some say, Jason Hyatt's Abaca is one of the best restaurants and boutique hotels in Cebu. Abaca is famous for its flat bread pizzas and steaks. The place is named after the indigenous material abaca, which is predominantly used around the resort.

I first heard about Abaca from Jason Magbanua, who was raving about it as one of the best wedding destinations he has ever filmed. Some Cebuanos would often go to Abaca just for the flat bread pizza and eat it with a view of the awesome sunset.

Is Abaca really the Best Gourmet Restaurant in Cebu?

The BEST of Cebu City Series:

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