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January 16, 2008

Boracay 101: A Bora First Timer's Guide To Boracay's Best Restaurants, Must Try Food and Gimmick Places

Ati-atihan de Boracay-38

BORACAY 101: A Bora First Timer's Guide To Boracay's Best Restaurants, Must Try Food and Gimmick Places

Puca Beach Outing-35
I realized that there are still a lot of Filipinos who have never been to Boracay. I compiled this guide to help them based on what people are raving about and based on my personal experience. I've been going back to Boracay every year and I developed a sense of what is awesome based on what restaurants people are talking about. In this guide, I compiled the following lists:

  • Top 10 Best Restaurants in Boracay,
  • Top 10 Must-Try-Food-and-Drinks in Bora!,
  • 8 Restaurants that did not make the Top 10 list but worth mentioning,
  • Top 8 Gimmick Places in Boracay!

Boracay is one of those places that you should visit in the Philippines before you die. Feel free to share this information to everyone. For those who have been to Boracay, there have been a few changes in the restaurant and night life scene in Bora. This guide will keep you up-to-date and in-the-know versus your friends even before you visit Boracay. Enjoy and we do hope that you have a great time in Boracay!

Puca Beach Outing-38

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(Picture from top to bottom: Ati-Atihan de Boracay Parade in Station 1 | Pia of Seair Marketing with Norsan and Anne, Microtel Marketing Ladies | Melo of Lakbay Pilipinas and Gail of Kutitots enjoying the Puka Beach Waves)

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January 12, 2008

Boracay Escape with Pinoy Travel Bloggers

Microtel Boracay Blogger's Meet-9

Greetings from a rainy weekend in Boracay!
Most of the travel bloggers were invited by Microtel Hotel Boracay for a "familiarization tour" for bloggers. This so-called fam tour are just offered to travel agents or traditional media. We are so happy that travel bloggers are starting to be recognized as a key influencers online for travelers and tourist. The only thing is once bloggers are invited they will be honest and you cannot force them to just write the good things about the place. Also, the blogging community is careful about bastardizing the reputation of the bloggers and we don't want to go into the "dark side" of media.

Microtel Boracay Blogger's Meet-16

If you are sitting in your office reading this, don't you want to just catch a plane to Boracay via Sea Air? In less than an hour, you'll be lying on the beach having a massage! Sarap... Let me share with you a photo essay of what happened on our day 1 in Bora...

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May 08, 2006

Top5 Bora Resto! [ The Bora Life #3 ]

Mandala Spa -2 [17 mm ISO100].jpg
Prana Restaurant, Mandala Spa

Boracay is famous not only because of its sugary fine white sands and the what-happens-in-bora-stays-in-bora beach parties, but also for authentic and delicious cuisines from all around the world. These restaurants cannot be found in Manila, and they are only exclusively available in Boracay! Here are my top 5 Best Bora Restaurant that serves good quality food that you shouldn't miss when you visit this island paradise in the South.

1. Authentic Greek Cuisine @ Cyma Greek Restaurant, d'mall, Station 2
2. Spanish Food at Travesya @ Asya, Station 2
3. Portuguese Craving @ Banza Restaurant, Station 3
4. Italian Cuisine @ Aria Restaurant d'mall, Station 2
5. Vegetarian Cuisine @ Prana Restaurant, Mandala Spa, Station 3

These are upscale restos that served good quality food that you wouldn't mind paying for additional premium. Check these out...

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April 27, 2006

My Mandala Spa Experience [ The Bora Life #2 ]

Mandala Spa -1 [17 mm ISO100].jpg

This scene welcomes you as you step out the tricycle from the main street walk along a stone road full of trees and withered vines. This exact photo was described by Marc Macapagal on his Praising Prana article as:

"The open air reception, with its wooden teak floors, lounge chairs and glass tables draped with colorful woven silk fabric, and surrounded with lush tropical plans is a calming sight. You feel like you've arrived in someone's hacienda home."

Mandala prides itself for being a sanctuary for the soul, a place where you experience yourself and go for presence walks. For me, I just came from a Bora night party and stepping into Mandala Spa, I felt like it transported me not into the past or the future, but into another dimension of the present. I felt at home where the staff is friendly, the food is healthy, the air is fresh, and where I felt like the nature and the trees are hugging me as a walk around the spa. Many articles and press releases have been written about this award winning, world class Mandala Spa in Boracay. This is not a press release article but this was my Mandala Spa experience...

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April 24, 2006

[The Bora Life.1] Top Ten 10 Cool Things to do in Boracay!

Our Awesome Planet is not complete without a Boracay posts and here are the Top Ten Cool Things to do in Boracay this year! Just a warning, once you finish reading this post, you'll be tempted to go to Bora as soon as you can...

The Bora Life -12 [22 mm ISO400].jpg

1). Jonas Milkshakes -- still the undisputed dessert place. This continues to be the best place to hang out for dessert or for watching the sunset. The best part is Jonas is now open 24 hours! It continues to be a mystery as to what is the ingredient of Jonas' milkshakes? By the way, for the diet freaks you can order a Jonas Shake without milk. My favorite continues to be Banana-Choco-Peanut for P70, what's your favorite?

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April 30, 2005

Boracay's Mystique...

boat station 2
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

A Truly Magical Experience

I've been wanting to blog about Boracay but I'm afraid that I might not give justice to Bora's magical experience that awaits any tourist/vacationer. Each Boracay experience is truly unique and the island never fails to surprise or amuse you with its cuisines, parties, sceneries, chillout places, shopping, and people. I've been in Boracay 2 years plus (I can't remember exactly) and each visit has been an unforgettable awesome experience. There is a saying that "what happens in Boracay stays in Boracay" because people literally are transformed like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. I would like to give you a glimpse of what happens in Bora. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your boracay escape a truly memorable experience:

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April 23, 2005

Welcome to Pearl of the Pacific, Boracay Island!

welcome to Boracay
Originally uploaded by antondiaz.

I arrived in Boracay alone today because I was the only person booked into the 9.45am flight via caticlan. Most of the passengers in our flight are from Glaxo Smith Klein. It was also the saddest Boracay look that I've seen in years. The water is green with "lumot", the clouds have a gloomy haze, and there are alot of boats that signals that Boracay is becoming too commercialized. I'll be spending the next 3 days for our teambuilding session here in the Pearl of the Pacific. Fortunately, the PLDT Weroam service in working in Boracay. Imagine an 80kbps connection via Smart's Edge service -- Simply Amazing. I'll try to minimize my blogging ang get a beach life. I'm just waiting for some of our colleagues who was in the next flight.