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March 23, 2013

THE DISTRICT BORACAY: A Great Boracay Location for Families with Kids

Boracay waters-10.jpg

The District was the perfect backdrop for our family escapade in Boracay. We love it because it is centrally located along the white beach, walking distance to yummy restaurants, and provides a happy family-friendly service.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your stay in The District, Boracay...

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December 21, 2012

BORACAY's White Christmas: 10 Never-Boring Experiences to Enjoy with your Kids!

Swimming in Boracay-27.jpg
This is the first time that we visited Boracay in December. I must agree with most that December is the best time to be in Boracay because the beach is whiter, the sky bluer and the ambiance cooler. Hence, this time is known as the Boracay's White Christmas.

It was also the first time for our three boys to experience the white powdery sand beaches of Boracay. But what can one do in an island (with kids) made more famous by its vibrant night life and adult-oriented activities?

Here are 10 Never-Boring Experiences to Enjoy with your Kids in Boracay:


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August 16, 2012

CRAFTY'S ROOFTOP BAR: Best Indian Cuisine in Boracay?

Crafty's Boracay-30.jpg

I miss the old restaurant scene in Boracay where most of the places were unique, the food was yummy, and you could immerse yourself in the Boracay beach vibe. In 2012, most of the restaurants that have opened are franchised / commercialized chains from Manila or bars trying to be restos.

We asked around to find the best places to eat these days in Boracay, and we got a foodie tip that the best Indian Cuisine on the island is now located on a rooftop bar called Crafty's.

The concept was a bit weird, yes, but these are exactly the places that we want to find -- something uniquely Boracay, with foodies raving about the food, and where the locals unwind.

Here's the story on Crafty's Rooftop Bar in Boracay...

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June 18, 2010



I write to appeal to all to help save Boracay from further environmental degradation. Our family spent the long weekend in Boracay and it almost made me cry.  My wife and I first visited Boracay as part of our honeymoon in 1986.  It was paradise. The sand was so white it was blinding to the eyes, and so fine it was like talcum powder. The waters were crystal clear with nary a strand of algae.  The natives, too, were genuinely friendly and generous.  Today, you would not recognize it as the same island.  What went wrong? 


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June 04, 2010

What's New in Boracay in 2010? (Part 2 of 2)

Read First: What's New in Boracay in 2010? (Part 1 of 2)

5. Battle of the Best Spa on Boracay Island!
What's New in  Boracay-34
Mandala Spa.

Considered as one of the best spas in Asia, Mandala continues to push the envelope in holistic wellness with its Shodhana Karma rejuvenation program and The Mandala Spa Hilot Trilogy. Recently, an innovative 24-hour stay-out Detox program was offered, where you can do the cleansing program while still enjoying the life on White Beach. Also, you can stay in the Mandala Villas and enjoy healthy food in the Prana Restaurant.

What I like about Mandala is it provides you with an escape from the busy, urban life, and it empowers you to strengthen your mind, body and soul without being preachy about it. Mandala tries its best to give you an experience of the "old Boracay" before its commercialization and before the 650,000 tourists/year trooped to this small island.

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Tip: Don't forget to meet Ria (also known as Batang Dagat -- check out The Real Batang Dagat blog).


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May 28, 2010

What's New in Boracay in 2010? (Part 1 of 2)

Sunset Paraw!

We will always love Boracay despite the fact that some people already dismiss it because it is overdeveloped and regarded as an ecological disaster.

We love it not only because of its night life and endless parties night after night, we love it because of the "Boracay Spirit" of living life to the fullest and communing with nature in all its glorious beauty. Everyone who visits Boracay imbibes this spirit, and those who get addicted to it decide to stay on the island.

Every year, Boracay tries to reinvent itself. Here is what's new in the ever-changing scene in Boracay...

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April 02, 2009

Tips on Getting To and Around Boracay – 2009

by Nowie,  Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Café, Boracay

sunset ladies

1. Landing At Caticlan

While waiting for your bags  to be brought down from the plane, fill up the tourist information sheets  at the counter.. This will save you some time at the jetty port where it tends to be more chaotic.

2. Caticlan Airport – Jetty Port

If landing in Caticlan, another way to get to the jetty port from the airport is to simply walk. As you get out of the airport, you will have to turn right and make a u-turn when you reach the end of the railing. Walk to the end of the street and onto the highway where you will turn right. When you see the hardware store on the left, turn left on the road there and that will lead you straight to the jetty port. Alternatively, you can also flag down a tricycle at the highway for P7.00 per person.

Either way is cheaper than the P50/tricycle fee at the terminal near the airport!

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January 25, 2008

The Tirta Spa Difference

Tirta Spa-32

What is the difference between a P250 Massage on the white sands beach of Bora and a P4,000 Massage in Tirta Spa in Boracay?

This debate went on and on in my mind. But the practical side of my brain is already losing the debate to the adventurous part who is yearning for a new spa experience in Boracay. Unfortunately, the debate happened when I was already in the main reception of Tirta Spa. At that time, all of my senses are now excited with the serenity and peacefulness of the place. Meeting the lovely owner, En Calvert, just fueled my desire to experience the unique spa packages that I have not seen even in Mandala Spa. It is the irrational side of me that won finally in the end because I can't resist how awesome this place is.

Let me share with you the Tirta Spa difference in Boracay...

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