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2 posts categorized "[Travel] BOHOL: Tarsier & Danao Plunge"

March 03, 2010

Are you ready for the Danao Plunge?

The Danao Plunge!-69

The Plunge is the first ever Canyon Swing in the Philippines. It's part of the new Eco, Educational, Extreme Adventure Tour (E.A.T.) in Danao, Bohol. You start on the extreme end of a pendulum swing with a backdrop of the beautiful Danao gorge. Then, you free fall for about 60 meters before the rope tightens and swings you back to the other end.

The experience is similar to bungee during the free fall, but instead of bouncing up and down, you swing from one end to the other. Your swing will depend on how heavy you are.

This is the hottest extreme adventure sport in the Philippines this summer!

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July 27, 2008

Bohol - More Than Your Usual Tarsier Experience?

Congratulations again to Mich Guevara of Pinoy Lakwatsa! You've won a very nice Jansport Graphix Remix Bag that you can use on your next travel.

I'm going to Bohol which is the first leg of the seven (7) Havaianas Flipping for the Beach Trips. I'm excited to feature all of them.

Can you share with me your Bohol secret other than the usual Tarsier?