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May 28, 2013

SABOTEN Philippines: The Original Tonkatsu Flavor Now in Manila!

SABOTEN is the original and largest Tonkatsu chain from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. It has been serving its famous tonkatsu since 1966 and has branches in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, and now in the Philippines. :)  The restaurant's name means "cactus",  inspired by the plant's vitality and persistence despite harsh conditions.

Although the SABOTEN launch was pre-empted by YABU in Manila, we love how they offer different ways people can enjoy katsu and the unlimited-everything experience. :)

Here's a rundown of our visit to Saboten Philippines...

Battle for the BEST Tonkatsu in Manila:

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May 16, 2013

MESCLUN BISTRO (formerly Cuillere) by Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara in Serendra

Mesclun Bistro-25.jpg

MESCLUN BISTRO is the casual version of the MESCLUN Restaurant & Cafe in Linden Suites by Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara, also the creator of Chuck's Deli, Paulene Chocolats Suisses, and the now-defunct Cuillere French restaurant.

Its name is inspired by the mixture of culinary inspirations (not only from French cuisine but also from other European cuisines) from Chef Kat's travels and collaborations with other chefs.

It's nice to follow Chef Kat's journey from Cuillere to Chuck's Deli and now to Mesclun. You get to notice the maturity over the years and see her personality in her culinary creations.

I'm happy to know that she's back in Serendra in the original location of the French resto that made her famous in the foodie circles.

Check out Mesclun Bistro when you are in Serendra (where Cuillere used to be located):

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May 02, 2013

ARIA CUCINA ITALIANA (Revisited): Our ARIA Favorites and Kids' Menu @AriaCucina

Read first: ARIA Mania in Manila?

Aria Revisited-48.jpg

We love trying out new restaurants, but there are times when we want to revisit places that we've been to simply because they're yummy. One of our favorite Italian places in Boracay and in Manila is Aria because of the delicious pizza, pasta and salad combinations.

Recently, they added innovative cocktail drinks by Tim Walters and also a Kids' Menu.

Here is our updated Aria experience...

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April 29, 2013

MAD FOR GARLIC Philippines: Italian-Korean Wine Resto (and Garlic Breath) @MadforGarlicPH

MAD For Garlic-29.jpg
MAD FOR GARLIC is a Korean restaurant specializing in garlicky Italian cuisine, franchised by the Global Resto group. They say this was the original inspiration of a localized resto concept called Krazy Garlik.

For Garlic enthusiasts and Spicy food lovers, this is the place to be -- guaranteed to give you a garlicky breath finish. We enjoyed the Italian fare with a Korean twist because some of the dishes were sweet for the boys, and their super spicy pastas in the menu were great for me.

Here's a rundown of what we ordered and some tips on how to have an awesome experience at MAD FOR GARLIC...

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April 25, 2013

GYU-KAKU: World's No.1 Yakiniku Brand now in Manila :)


Finally, the much-anticipated opening of Gyu-Kaku in Manila has become a reality. Deemed to be the world's No. 1 Japanese BBQ Yakiniku brand since 1996, Gyu-Kaku's concept was originally developed by Rex Holdings Japan. Its name means “Horn of the Bull” in Japanese.

Although initially met with a negative review when they first opened (see: Chuvaness | Gyu-Kaku Is Not Ready For Consumption), they have stabilized their operations almost a month into their Manila launch.

Here's our Gyu-Kaku experience...

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