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June 17, 2006

[MtGulugodBaboy # 1] Confessions of a Virgin Climber

Mt. Gulugud Baboy by Anton - 71.jpg

Mt. Gulugod Baboy climb was my first mountain climbing experience. I underestimated it and my shots were uninspired. I'm a virgin climber and the experience was almost orgasmic when you reached the top. This was my own little version of Mt. Everest climb and will all the hype surrounding Mountain Climbing in the Philippines, this is the next sports fad after billiards, and badminton.

I've blogged about Romi Garduce's climb for almost a year now, and I was struck by one of the comments of my blog readers that I should climb mountains first to have credibility in writing about mountain climbing. It made sense and ever since I've been looking for an opportunity to do so. What would you have if you have the best mountaineering organization in the Phils. -- UP Mountaineering as your guide and the best Jaycee chapter in the Phils. -- Manila Jaycees as your companions in the climb? an Awesome Mt. Gulugod Baboy Climb!!

I must admit that I underestimated the climb. I was not excited because I thought it was easy and I thought there was nothing to do on top of the mountain other than to drink all night long. It was raining the day before, so I thought this was not the best time to have a photo shoot. I did not prepare for it. I literally drag my feet and was thinking twice about pushing through with it or just offer an excuse not to go. I'll tell you how unprepared I was...

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April 24, 2006

[Golden Sunset 3] What to do in Golden Sunset?

Golden Sunset -43 [17 mm ISO100].jpg
Golden Sunset is a very nice place for the family and they have the best Philippines Cultural Show that I have ever seen! Food, Drinks, and Pets are not allowed inside the resort so you have to be contented with eating at the Filipino Fishpond Restaurant or at Cucina de Oro (which serves international cuisine pasta, pizza, etc.). I like the Fishpond restaurant a lot better than the Cucina de Oro (they need to have a better cook). Although the restaurants are not something to rave about in this place. My son, Aidan really enjoyed with the fun swimming pools, playground, kids room, and the butterfly sanctuary. My wife, Rache also enjoyed the massage at the Serendipity Spa for P500 :) For me, I enjoyed the cultural show and taking photos of the surroundings and the golden sunset. So everyone is happy :)

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[Golden Sunset 2] The Golden Sunset Experience

Golden Sunset -6 [27 mm ISO400].jpg
I was actually skeptical when I first visited golden sunset because of the cheesy marketing gimmicks and later on, I found out that the resort does not have an actual beach front. But still we decided to stay for 3 days/ 2 nights during the holy week to rest and re-charge since this is "allegedly" the best resort (so far) in Calatagan. After our stay, I should say that we really had fun specially because the place caters to families with lots of things to do for the kids. Despite the hot weather, there is a gush of winds passing through the resort which makes the summer heat bearable and it is not that humid. Golden Sunset officially opened to the public just this January 2006 and there was a soft opening during the Ms. Earth pageant last October 2004. Ricky Reyes (commonly called Mader in the resort) proudly designed the entire place and I'm glad to see him during the Holy Week in his resort. The resort is very busy and it would be difficult to get a reservations during the summer weekends in this resort. I'll give you a virtual tour anyway of the resort which is similar to an Island Cove setup but in a much cooler ambiance at night plus a great view of Calatagan's famous golden sunset.

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April 19, 2006

[Golden Sunset 1] Allegedly the Best Resort in Batangas :)

Golden Sunset -21 [17 mm ISO400].jpg
Golden Sunset is one of the hottest resorts in Batangas now! Thanks to Mader Ricky Reyes (people in the resort calls him Mader) for opening their suppose-to-be family vacation resort to the public. The resort is located in the heart of Calatagan, Batangas -- 3 hours away from Manila via Tagaytay which is the half way point. I say that it's hot because it just fully opened this January (soft opening last Oct during Ms. Earth Pageant) and all the weekends were fully booked and overflowing with tents on its open grounds! If you call the reservation office, nobody would answer you because a lot of people are inquiring about this place and they cannot handle the volume anymore. I actually had to drop by as a walk-in and risk that I will be rejected but fortunately I was able to get a standard room for 3 days and 2 nights. I'll be creating a trilogy series on Golden Sunset to give you the overall experience, what to do and what to expect of the Golden Sunset Resort.

I also got a lot of frequently asked questions in my blog about Golden Sunset because there was really lack of honest-to-goodness article about this place. This is a well-marketed place so expect only the good reviews in the internet and good photos at their official website. Although, for the first time, I hope to provide you with what a Golden Sunset Resort experience is all about. In this first post, I'll tackle the frequently asked questions about Golden Sunset.

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March 10, 2006

[ Playa Calatagan #4] Beautiful Golden Sunset!!

Sunset @ Playa Calatagan - 15
Right in front of Playa Calatagan beach is this golden sunset. It is soo beautiful just to watch this. This post is just all about the sunset shots I made and I suggest that you gotta watch this when you decide to visit this place. For those of you who are in the office and I do hope these shots would de-stress you and make you more excited to visit the Philippines awesome beaches. Enjoy the sunset shots! summer is here, finally :)

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[Dear Awesome Planet #2] Golden Sunset Resort, Calatagan

Dear Awesome Planet,
2 thumbs up! :) ur web is so exciting. web pa lang nakakarelax na what more

just want to ask few questions. just want to know if you've been to golden sunset resort at calatagan batangas. pls advise me with the rates and if we're allowed to cook our own food there.

hope to hear from you thanks and hope to see more places in your web :)

thanks and God Bless


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[ Playa Calatagan #3] Stay a week or stay a lifetime @ Playa Calatagan!

>>>> Our Playa Calatagan 254sqm Lot and Membership for SALE! <<<<

Playa Calatagan Scenes - 15

Ah, life is indeed a beach. With a beautiful beach such as Playa Calatagan -- I do hope that it can bring it's vision alive of bringing the Boracay spirit in Calatagan, 3 hours away from Manila. Landco already learned their lessons with the Punta Fuego and Terrazas seaside communities where it gets boring as you stay longer since it is private and there is only so much you could do. What's great about the Playa Calatagan vision, is that there is a private resort for the seaside community but also there is a public commercial area envisioned to be the Boracay Party Place of Batangas :) As mentioned in my earlier post, I'm glad the Palacios family decided to develop their beach and it has huge huge potential. They are just building the clubhouse now and selling phase 1 (out of 4 phases to be developed) which only started last november to priveleged guests.

This is actually an exclusive (naks :) and I want to share this opportunity to my readers -- specially if you are a beach person or you are a balikbayan looking for an investment or a beach home. Take note that I refrained from using retirement house since the vision is that the community would be younger and more vibrant :) I think this is a lot better than the Anvaya Seaside community in Subic. Let me tell you why.

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