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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

May 16, 2016

POP CAFE by Kettle Korn: Liquid Nitrogen-Charged Popcorn Pops! @POPCafePH

May 16, 2016

POP CAFE by Kettle Korn: Liquid Nitrogen-Charged Popcorn Pops! @POPCafePH

POP Cafe-43.jpg

POP CAFE is the first Liquid Nitrogen-charged Popcorn Cafe in the Philippines by Kettle Korn--originally created by RFM's Joey Concepcion--and is the latest craze in enjoying this popular snack.

This is the first time I've seen liquid nitrogen used in popcorn. The nitrogen not only provides a cooling effect but also gives a smoky fun factor that even kids can enjoy. The popcorn kernels are made from whole grains and popped fresh in-store too, making for a healthy treat.

We recently tried all the flavors and offerings of Pop Cafe. Here's what to expect and what we recommend...


SM Fairview Upper Annex Building, Fairview
Facebook: PopCafePH
Instagram: @PopCafePH
Twitter: @PopCafePH


POP Cafe-34.jpg
Pop Cafe's pilot store opened on the 2nd floor of SM Fairview Annex. Hopefully they open soon in an SM Mall near you.


POP Cafe-1.jpg
Popcafe MenuPopstix, Nitro Glaze, Poprocks | Popcone | Pop Pack, Drinks

The offerings are a bit confusing at the start, because everything just looks like popcorn lollipops with different flavor combinations. 


POP Cafe-21.jpg
What makes this fun is the use of liquid nitrogen for the cooling and smoking effect, which the kids love. You can also ask for a liquid nitro refill.


POP Cafe-32.jpg
Pop Cafe uses 100% food safe liquid nitrogen. Just make sure to remind your kids not to dip their hands in it and they should be fine. 


Poprocks (P120 - dine in only)

POP Cafe-6.jpg
The Poprocks come in 4 flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Green Tea, and Espresso. They are served with a cup of liquid nitrogen.


POP Cafe-7.jpg
You dip the poprocks by yourself into the liquid nitrogen for a few seconds before eating.


POP Cafe-10.jpg
You can bite it with your teeth, but be sure not to touch it with your tongue right after you dip.


Popstix (P50)

POP Cafe-22.jpg
The Popstix are big popcorn lollipops that come in 5 flavors: Smores, Oreo, Elvis, Green Mango, and Caramel Green Apple.


POP Cafe-15.jpg
Our favorite is the Green Mango while the kids liked the Smores and Oreo.


POP Cafe-19.jpg
The popstix are also dipped in liquid nitrogen individually before being served.


POP Cafe-25.jpg
The kids had plenty of fun with the smoking effect. Eating this feels like eating cold crunchy popcorn. 


Nitro Glaze (P50)

POP Cafe-12.jpg
The nitro glazed popcorn are for those who don't like their popcorn on sticks. This comes in 5 flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Caramel, Green Tea, and Espresso.


POP Cafe-42.jpg
The popcorn is glazed with liquid nitrogen and you can enjoy it piece by piece.


POP Cafe-39.jpg
My personal favorites are the chocolate and espresso flavors.  


POP Cafe-36.jpg

Congrats to Pop Cafe for a very cool popcorn cafe concept! 

What we like:
- It's a healthy dessert--whole grain corn, popped fresh, and light
- Cool and smoky effect of the liquid nitrogen that kids enjoy
- The service is very helpful

What we don't like:
- The popcorn offerings are confusing at the start; they need to fix how they communicate the different variants
- The pilot store is in SM Farview; yes, ang layo...

What we suggest:
- Include liquid nitrogen ice cream like how Outre does it so that you can have popcorn nitro a la mode
- Create popcorn art that you can eat, like how latte art is for coffee
- Add toppings and sauce options, which can jazz up your popcorn before dipping in the liquid nitro


SM Fairview Upper Annex Building, Fairview
Facebook: PopCafePH
Instagram: @PopCafePH
Twitter: @PopCafePH 


Live an Awesome Life,

anton  signature

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com  

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Pop Cafe. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. They also offer Drip Coffee with beans from Atok Benquet for P80.

POP Cafe-30.jpg 


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