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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet

January 14, 2016

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City (Part 2- Awesome Places)

January 14, 2016

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City (Part 2- Awesome Places)

By Abigail Javellana

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)

Update 07/27/2016: PAMPANGA: Top 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Pampanga! (2016)

Angeles City Culinary Capital PH

Angeles City is known for two things one for being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines and second for its red light district. Besides that Angeles is home to activities everyone can enjoy, it is equipped with a state of the art museum, old houses & architectures, works from award-winning artists and an exciting wakeboard park.

Besides having a Kapampangan food trip complete your trip with short history lessons and some little fun.

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)



Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
The Clark Museum is a Kapampangan cultural gem featuring a rich collection of dioramas, photographs, murals, interactive displays, replicas, and artifacts.

As a whole, the museum captures the Filipino spirit of courage, industriousness, and creativity spanning across a 4-gallery narrative. Explore Clark’s history through these galleries and their start of the art 4D theater!


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Gallery 1: Between Arayat & Pinatubo, A Geo Hub for the Filipino Spirit

This gallery establishes Clark’s geological and geographical context. Its strategic location has facilitated its economic and social development, allowing it to flourish in commerce, communication, and culture.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH

Gallery 2: People’s Industry and Ingenuity, Filipino Spirit in Craft & Ritual

Towns within Clark are showcased while Arayat and Pinatubo are heralded as a network for trade due to their natural environment.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Gallery 3: Interregnum—Clark Air Field, The Filipino Spirit Re-Channeled

Displays Clark Air Field’s history as a US Military Facility from a colonial and socio-political context in the early 1900s.


Angeles City Culinary Capital PH
Gallery 4: Clark Freeport—Celebrating, The Filipino Spirit Renewed and Rising

Shows Clark Freeport transformed into a symbol of Filipino courage, industry, and creativity. Highlights the social progresses and developments through Pampanga’s companies, leaders, technicians, workers, and its communities that benefit from Freeport.


Angeles City: Culinary Ph
4D Theater

For a more hands-on historical learning experience, The Clark Museum is home to a 48-seater 3D theater featuring a 20 minute documentary called “Risen from the Ashes”, This documentary explores Clark’s history from past to present.

The theater also allows viewers to experience the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo from almost all senses; from sight, sound, and touch with its in-theather effects like wind, mist!


Clark Museum / 4D Theater
Website: www.visitclark.com/museum4d.html
E-mail: josephinepoyaoan@clark.com.ph
Phone: +63 45 599-3222



Angeles City: Culinary Ph

Bale-Balayan: A Museum for the Poor is located in Barangay Sta. Teresita, the museum was conceptualized under the vision of making arts and culture reachable and available to even to the poorest of the poor.


Angeles City: Culinary Ph

The museum housed a selection of reading materials consisting of Filipino and Asian heritage free and open for all.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph

It also houses a collection of different artifacts, accessories and pieces from all over Asia and the region.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph

We were touched by the kids who enetertained us using native instruments such as the Anklung and Alugtog, followed by a simple merienda of steamed corn, banana and a warm cup of salabat.


Angeles City: Culinary Ph

Directed by Peter De Vera, the community supports the lives of poor kids through the engagement of the culture and the arts. Insider tip: You need to book your visit to the Museum of the Poor.


Angeles Culinary Capital Ph

Bale-Balayan: Museum for the Poor
40-22 Araw Malansik st., Brgy. Sta. Teresita, Angeles City
Mobile: +639 17511-1904



Angeles City: Culinary Ph
Situated in Clark, Deca Wake Park is one of the hottest and exciting water sports destinations in Pampanga. Beat the heat the fun way with your family and friends. It’s open daily!


Angeles City: Culinary Ph
Whether you’re a speed junkie or beginner, Deca Wake Park has something for you. The park is home to two facilities:

The Little Bro—1kph to 30kph and a water level of 3ft deep


Angeles Culinary Capital PH
The Big Bro—30kph and a water level of 7ft deep

If you’re a beginner, instructors recommend you go for The Little Bro. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can try out The Big Bro, which features different obstacles, ramps, and more space!


Weekends & Holidays:
On Sat & Sun: 6AM to 9PM on The Little Bro

2 Hours—Php400
4 Hours—Php700
All Day (8 hrs)—Php1,000

Weekends & Holidays:
2 Hours—Php500
4 Hours—Php800
All Day (8 hrs)—Php1,200

All subject to change without prior notice.


Angeles City: Culinary Ph

Decawake Clark Cable Park
Margot, Angeles City, Pampanga
Mobile: +63 905 330-1013, +63 918 459-8488
E-mail: decawakeparks@outlook.com
Website: http://www.decawakeboardpark.com/



Angeles Culinary Capital Ph

Overall, we love Angeles City there's more to it than it's neon lights and busy streets, get yourself acquainted with the rich culture and history of it's people. Treat yourself with the celebrated dishes from the Culinary Capital of the Philippines or satisfy your cravings with authentic international cuisines.

Being a few hours from Manila, it's not bad to have a quick Kapampangan food trip complete with a short history lesson and some little fun. Thank you Angeles City, Mayor's Office for having us! Cheers! 


How to get to Angeles City:

Infographic Angeles JPG

A Pampanga food trip is always good for a full day without the need to go on overnight because it is now one hour away and very accessible via the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

Most people would go on a convoy or meet up at the last Caltex along Edsa before turning into NLEX. Others prefer to meet at the Total Gasoline Station, which is the last station before the San Fernando Exit.

Awesome Guide: 15 Places to Try in Angeles City: Filipino Cuisine (4) | Awesome Places (3)| International Cuisine (8)


Live an Awesome Life,


Abi with Boom and Sean
Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our 24-Hour Angeles City experience was courtesy of the Angeles City, Mayors Office. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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