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19 posts from March 2015

March 26, 2015

SUSI by Bianca Mabanta: Making Vegan and Glutten-Free Food Yummy and Sexy! @SusiPH

SUSI by Bianca Mabanta-58.jpg
SUSI is a green gastronomy, plant-based restaurant by Bianca Mabanta with a 100% vegan and gluten-free menu. It's located beside the most carnivorous restaurant in Burgos Circle in BGC--Burgers & Brewkies. #contrast #irony

The concept was inspired by Bianca's passionate conviction for sustainable living, by being vegan by choice and not using any leather products. It was also driven by necessity as she cannot eat anything with gluten because of Coeliac disease.

"Susi" is tagalog for key, which is in line with their vision of unlocking the secret to sustainable living. 

I was impressed by how yummy the vegan dishes were, and how sexy their design is. It's going to be the hottest restaurant in BGC this Summer 2015.

Check it out...

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FOOD TASTINGS: Pasta and Pizza Class @FoodMagazine (A Photo Essay)

Food tastingsFood Tastings is a free cooking class for foodies and kitchen savvy people, presented by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc.'s Food magazine and the Lifestyle Network. The classes are held throughout the year as a treat for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Food magazine.

The first leg of the Food Tastings series titled “a Pizza and Pasta Class” featured easy-to-make home pizza and pasta recipes taught by renowned chefs Nancy Dizon Edarlin, Portia Baluyut and the chefs behind Project Pie.

It was a well spent Saturday (March 21) where we got to watch free cooking classes, try out all the dishes and had a fun time making our very own customized pizza. Here’s a preview of the event itself:

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March 22, 2015

BORACAY: My Time with Yugi and Chatime Summer Travel Diary by @MrsAwesomePlanet

YG March 2015

It started in the wee hours of the morning. Woke up excited but feeling hesitant. Did some last-minute packing of my and YG's things anyway--we were off to the little one's first trip to Boracay!

It's also another first for me, as it was just the 2 of us for this beach trip. (I try my best to bring YG wherever I go. I've pledged to provide him with the best milk in town, and if I leave him even for just a couple of days, his supply will not suffice.) 

I was excited because we would be riding a seaplane! I never expected to be on one as I've only seen those in adventure movies! How cool is that?  

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