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37 posts from December 2014

December 25, 2014

New Year's Eve Manila 2015: Awesome Guide to New Year's Eve Party in Manila!

12/30/15 Update: New Year's Eve Manila 2016: Awesome Guide to a Dazzling New Year! 

New Year's Eve Party by Marksim Pasko
(Copyright by Marksim Pasko)

New Year's Eve (NYE) Parties in Manila is getting exciting in 2015.  You can decide to celebrate in a hotel - Sofitel, Solaire, Manila Peninsula or Best Western, or in the malls - Mall of Asia GMA 7 Countdown and Eastwood Quezon City Countdown.  This year, TV5 is joining the NYE celebration with a Happy sa 2015 QC Countdown and the City of Manila with Sulong Manila 2015 Countdown.

Bonifacio Global City will be the center of the club party scene and after parties for New Year's Eve. Check out VASK's Glamorous Black and Gold Affair and the after party at VALKYRIE. Hop on to RAVEN, HYVE, VYNE and SKYE or catch the sunrise at the new club PANGAEA at City of Dreams.

Like us, we would escape the party scene in Manila either go to the Philippine Arena's 2015 Philippine Countdown in the North or to Taal Vista's New Year's Eve Bash in the South. 

Here's the Awesome Guide to New Year's Eve Party in Manila to welcome 2015:

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December 23, 2014

The Next Big Food Entrepreneurs: The Four Big Winners @MercatoCentrale

Text by Paul Wenceslao, Photos and Video by JR Velasquez 

Overall Winner

Mercato Centrale, the country’s premier chain of food markets, has served as a launch pad for a plethora of successful food establishments, such as Manang’s Chicken, Spring and Chuck’s Grub among others. Recently, it held a competition for budding food entrepreneurs, doling out a much needed avenue for them to flesh out their gastronomic ideas: The Next Big Food Entrepreneur (NBFE). 

This year’s roster of participants, coming up with a diverse lineup of savory delights and desserts, were given an opportunity to showcase their food creations and test the market, and many of them were able to leave good impressions to the buying public. In joining the Next Big Food Entrepreneur, everyone’s a winner; however, in the spirit of competition, there were four that stood out.

The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Winner 2014 series:

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BAKMI NYONYA: Best Indonesian Cuisine in Manila!

Text by Paul Wenceslao, Photos by JR Velasquez 

Bakmi Noodles 

Emerging as the overall winner of The Next Big Food Entrepreneur, Bakmi Nyonya impressed both the judges and the buying public with their take on Indonesian food – they serve Indonesian noodles topped with mushrooms, herbs, spices and one’s choice between beef, pork and seafood.  

Complementing the noodles are servings of large shrimp dumplings and spiced rice topped with spice sambal. According to Bakmi Nyonya’s co-owner, Gershwin Garcia, they are working with the different layers of flavor, each one being a vital component to one central taste.  

“What’s startling about our noodles is that the overall flavor changes whenever different kinds of toppings are added,” explains Gershwin. “Our bakmi goes well with almost every entrée.” He went on to narrate animatedly how a fellow TNBFE participant’s dish, adobong pusit, perfectly blended with his bakmi noodles.

FacebookBAKMI Nyonya
Telephone: +63 925 870-8899

The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Winner 2014 series:

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BIGOROTS: Bicol + Igorot Heritage Cuisine by Pinoy Master Chef JR Royol!

Text by Paul Wenceslao, Photos by JR Velasquez 

Bigorots 2

Triumph and having a keen eye for detail are the keys to success for Benguet band vocalist, JR Royol. After all, stringing together words for songs and meticulously minding the taste of cooked dishes are never easy tasks. Royol, however, isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and that challenge required him to trade the microphone for cooking equipment for a while and come up with an array of cuisines based on his roots in Benguet and his sheer love for food. 

Prior to joining and winning “Master Chef Pinoy Edition,” Royol has got the Sous-vide method of cooking down pat, and wound up developing yummy dishes, such as the YOLO Humba and his own version of Chicken Pinikpikan (which he proudly calls “Perfect Cooked Chicken”). He has been eying Mercato for a long time, since he views it as a makeshift R&D department for his cooking.

Upon knowing about The Next Big Food Entrepreneur, joining the competition is a rather easy decision.  “Paying customers have no bias; in fact, unbiased feedback is sometimes better than sales,” explains Royol. This line of thinking combined with his succulent creations made him an early favorite to win the competition. 


The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Winner 2014 series:

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TURONNE DE MANILA CAFE: Best Pinoy Dessert Innovation!

Text by Paul Wenceslao, Photos by JR Velasquez 

Turonne De Manila

Who would’ve thought that a regular afternoon snack such as turon could be tweaked and stylized to become an artisanal meal? Danz Semilla, a food enthusiast, didn’t think of it as a possibility, at first. It just so happened that the game of chance landed on his lap, literally, when he had an extra portion of cookies & cream-flavored butter cream and a saucer of turon. 

Creative juices were churned out of Semilla’s mind, as he imagined how the seemingly odd pair would taste like, and alas, he stumbled upon a good idea. Upon mixing turon and butter cream, his taste buds were entranced, so much so that he started building on the idea, taking into account his love for eclairs and turon as well as the unyielding charm of artisanal desserts. The rest is proverbial history. He, then, thought of opening a food store.

Snacking on his new creation, as it happened, was not enough. In truth, Lady Luck would again dab her meddling fingers into Semilla’s life one day while he was going through Facebook. He chanced up on ad for The Next Big Food Entrepreneur at a time when Mercato was nearly done taking in all the participants for the competition. 

Turonne de Manila
FacebookTuronne de Manila Cafe  
Telephone: +63 927 660-8705
Mobile: +632 842-3680 

The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Winner 2014 series:

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